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Things To Boost Donor Acquisition Online

In this era of the internet, there are hundreds of new ways that can be used to acquire new donors in less time. Gone are the days when people had to rely on phone calls, text messages, and in-person meetings to Raise Money for the causes they care about.

Digital campaigns offer major benefits and empower you to overcome the barriers like low budget and limited resources. Especially during the times of the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative to follow the social distancing guidelines. Digital crowd funding campaigns help you reach a broader audience base right from your comfort zone. Additionally, online campaigns are best for connecting with the younger audience. As they are majorly active on the internet than any other type of audience.

In this blog, we are going to share our top tips for nonprofit teams, individuals, and government-funded organizations. And help them improve their donor acquisition rate in the online world. So let’s begin!

Social Media

Social media is among the most affordable and fastest ways to increase your donor reach. These channels offer the most effective tools to set up your campaign in the right way. So that you can target the right set of audiences in less time. 

In order to attract your target audience, you need to work on creating meaningful content that creates an impact and motivates them to make a donation.

Not only it is easy to reach directly on the platforms like Facebook, but you can also focus on creating strategies that can help boost indirect views (social sharing). If you have budget constraints, then instead of creating paid campaigns, you can go for boosting posts. That will also help reach more prospects on a budget. Here are two popular ways that you can use for your fundraising campaigns on social media:

Peer to peer social media campaign

These types of campaigns are the simplest but super effective when it comes to increasing your reach to a new audience base. Peer to peer online fundraising means you will be hosting an event and it could be anything from cycling to a marathon and signing up volunteers that will raise funds on your behalf. These volunteers will share all the information related to the cause you are supporting with their own network and encourage people to contribute to your cause.

Paid campaigns on Facebook

Facebook has millions of users, and by smartly planning your paid campaigns on this platform and you can reach a huge number of new donors for just a little investment in paid campaigns. Facebook has a magical feature known as Lookalike audiences. This feature empowers you to expand your reach to the people who are having the same interest and characteristics as your current donor.


Retargeting in the social media world can open a world of new opportunities for you to target people who have donated in the past or didn’t donate but opened your website in the past and recapture the opportunity of getting donations from them. 

Search Engine Ads

Utilizing search engine ads to increase the donor reach is one of the most effective techniques. These ads will cost you money, but you will be surprised to see the outcome. Google is the biggest name when it comes to search engine advertising. You can run different types of ads on Google. According to your preferences and strategies and instantly put your message in front of your audience.

Search advertising

Search ads are the most basic text-based ads that are displayed to the user on top of their search results. One can quickly identify these search ads by a tiny tag that says “Ad” in front of your webpage URL. As this search is based on keywords, we would highly recommend you work on the SEO of the page you are targeting and It will help provide you the best results.  

Display advertising

As the name suggests, these are visual ads and are usually in the form of banners, and these are displayed on the partner websites all across the internet. By clicking on your crowd funding display ads, the user will be directed to your website and can take next steps to support your causes. 

You Tube Advertising

As YouTube is the product of Google, so it had to be in the previous category. However it is a great platform and much more effective, so we decided to mention it separately. You must leverage the power of YouTube because it is way more than sharing images. Your ads are in the video form, and they appear in the beginning, mid, or end of the videos of YouTube content creators. If you have the budget and other resources for video ads, so you must give them a try. 

Email Marketing 

Many people think that email marketing is an old strategy, but it really is not. According to research by Mail Chimp, the average email open rate for non-profit email campaigns is approximately 26%, in comparison to the universal email opening rate, which is just 6%. Isn’t it showcasing you a huge opportunity?

The reason behind a good email open rate is that these are sent to the individuals. Who have an interest in what your organization does and best thing about email marketing is its affordability. You can send emails for free or use professional tools, which are extremely low cost. 

Well, you might have to struggle with email marketing if you do not know how to do it right. Your emails might be sent to the spam folder, and that’s why you should craft the emails professionally. 

In the next section, we are sharing some tips which can help you improve the email open rate:

  • Opt for engaging subject lines which give a human feel.
  • Choose the appropriate time slot for sending fundraising emails. You can try different strategies and some paid tools to track which time suits you best.
  • Be consistent with your email marketing strategy. Whether you send the emails weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, always ensure that you don’t miss out on them. The regular donor are expecting your emails and they might forget about you or think that you don’t care about your cause. 

So, this is all about improving your donor acquisition rate on the internet. Even the biggest fundraising websites are using these techniques in 2021 and connecting with a huge number of new donors. If you try any of these, do let us know your experience!

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