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Things To Keep In Mind While Storing Car Tyres

Whenever a new season arrives, every car owner needs to get their car tyres replaced with a new set of tyres suitable for a particular climate. Therefore, you would be required to store tyres of the previous season at a suitable place under the right conditions. 

Therefore, if you want to store your car tyres for a long time, you need to follow these instructions. These steps will allow you to store your car tyre for a long time. 

Clean your Tyres

It is important for you to keep your Firestone Tyres West Bromwich clean. Tyres accumulate lots of dirt and dust on them while running on a dusty road for a long duration. If these specks of dirt remain on tyres for a long time, it results in treadwear and eventually damages your tyres permanently. 

Therefore, tyres should be cleaned thoroughly before storing them for a long time. You can make a mixture of soap and water, and use a brush to clean small gaps in tyres. After cleaning tyres, ensure that you dry them completely before moving to the next step.

Put Tyres In Airtight Bags

Now that you have cleaned and dried car tyres properly, you must store each tyre in airtight plastic bags and seal them tightly. 

While storing tyres, it is necessary to keep all the air out of the bag. To drain out all the air from your bag, you can use a vacuum cleaner. It is important to keep tyres in airtight bags because it prevents the evaporation of the lubricating oil present in the tyre’s rubber.

Avoid sunlight

When tyres are kept out in the sun for a long time, it damages the tread of tyres. The surface of the tyres becomes dry and starts developing cracks.  Therefore, tyres should be stored in shady and clean surroundings. The UV rays and excessive heat of the sun cause serious damage to the rubber, and this may lead to some serious deformities in the tyres. So, avoid storing car tyres in direct sunlight.

Choose the Right Storage Space

As we understand, a dry and hot climate is not suitable for storing tyres. So, you need to choose a cool and warm place away from sunlight. This place should not have any chemicals in its vicinity. Choose a proper ventilated room or garage, where you find a suitable surrounding for your tyres. 

Keep Tyres In Upright Position

When tyres are stored for a long time, they often get deformed. To prevent deformities of tyres, put them in the upright position. As it does not put pressure on other tyres and enables them to maintain their shape for a long time. 

Stack Tyres 

If you have tyres mounted on rims, then it is preferable to stack them. This prevents tyres from any damages and maintains their proper structure. 

Hang Tyres Properly

This is another effective way of storing car tyres that are mounted on rims. You can easily hang tyres with the support of hooks or you can place them on the racks. But remember not to hang unmounted tyres.

How Long Can You Store Tyres

If tyres are stored in proper condition, then they will last up to more than 10 months. Though the manufacturer of car tyres says that it is not exactly assumed till when a car tyre would last, but if it is stored at the right temperature and under appropriate conditions, the life of will increase.

If you need any tips on how you can store car tyres for a long time, you should go to Tyre Lab for proper guidance. 

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