Van and a man London


Van and a man London is a  firm that is courteous, dependable, and affordable. In and around London, we provide professional removal services to both home and commercial customers. Imagine you are moving to your favourite destination, London. But it is not easy to move from one place to another as you have to consider so many factors. We are a team whose core focus is to provide the best professional removal services to you. 

We offer our delivery services within the UK. The main focus of our job is to move your belongings to your new house. From your large home furniture to your constructive home material, we deliver everything that does not fit in your small car.

We are not only delivering your home base furniture to your destination But also our incredibly experienced and professional drivers and consultants make sure that they work in the best possible way to provide you with their best services. 


Providing you a pair of hands who scours you in packing your home stuff as well. The fragile stuff and material in your house need extra care during transportation. Our team works carefully and packs your stuff with full care and makes sure no damage can be done to your stuff. 

Our service consists not only of a van and a man but also a team that helps you in loading, uploading, packaging and adjusting as well. From shipping to moving your logistics, everything can be done smoothly, and the moving process can be completed in a flash.

We are just one call away; you can call us at any time as we are providing 24/7 services and committed to our work. We also provide a courier service to our customers. Our job is not merely to shift large items; Our motorbike service is also available for your small distances removals.

Van and a man London


In your transportation needs, your moving needs are various, and they can shift depending on your business or personal needs. Moving across countries or continents, delivering that essential trade exhibition, handling your precious artwork or sensitive high-tech components, transferring your office or plant, or carefully relocating your office or plant are all examples of this.

Our first priority is our customer’s satisfaction. We are not only providing you van and a man London services But we also facilitate you with our exceptional services. Our team consists of six to seven people who also help you in packing as packing large items or goods is not easy. 

Leaving your home is not easy as you create so many memories in your rooms, kitchen and every corner of your home. And there is a special kind of attachment when it comes to your home. Sometimes you love the clock hanging on the wall of your bedroom that your father gave you, and sometimes it’s a cup of tea which reminds you of your old friend. That’s why we care about our customer’s emotions and make sure that no damage is done to any item during shipment or luggage transfer. 

You can also book our services for your office removals. Our versatility makes us unique. We offer a competent service at a very reasonable price. Our transportation partners are continually working around the United Kingdom, so if you’re looking for a man and van rental near you, we can get you going as quickly as possible. We go above and above for our consumers in order to ensure their peace of mind. So feel free to contact us anytime. Our van is always ready with a man to make your shipment easy and stress-free.