Tips For Exchanging Links: Make It Count!

Reciprocal Link Exchanges can increase your website’s visibility in search engines… If they are true reciprocal links. When making Reciprocal Link Exchanges, Make it count!

Search for link partners by key words. Exchange links with other websites within your Niche Market.

-For example, if your site is about web design, you will want to exchange links with other web designers, web templates and resources related to the web

-Likewise, if your website is related to Toys, you’ll want to exchange links with sites that target your market. Keywords such as: toys, dolls, games, children, kids, parents.

-Keywords that you would use to promote your site will provide you with a good indication of sites you should exchange links with.

Select a key Link Text

-Your link text is generally your title. You want to select a few keywords and focus on them as your title. As above, if your website is about web design, you will want to pick a few keywords and always use that in your link exchanges. A good suggestion if we are following our first example above would be: Web Design –

–Do not use all caps in your title
–Do not use excessive punctuation in your title
–Do not use excessive keywords in your title

Be consistent. When you are adding your domain name, utilize the complete domain: ( always include the www )

- and are different. If you want to make each exchange count, promote ONE format only.

Select a solid description

-Do not fill descriptions with keywords. This most likely will get your site rejected from being posted on most reciprocal link exchanges

-The majority of link exchange scripts have a limit of 255 characters. It’s a good idea to keep it short and sweet, but also include a few key words. If we’re continuing with the example above, a sample description we’d use is: Best Laptops For Digital Marketing

–A professional, affordable, website design firm specializing in SEO design, e-commerce and scripting solutions.

Keep a Spreadsheet

-Depending on the link exchange software you are using, you may have to keep tabs on the exchanges you initiate with a spreadsheet. Make a note of the URL you have visited and the date that you requested the exchange. When you receive the conformation email of approval, add in the URL where your link was posted. If you are using an online script to maintain your reciprocal links, you can enter in the reciprocal link in that database as well. If your link was denied, feel free to remove their link from your website. After all, it’s a reciprocal link exchange only if both parties exchange links 

When visiting sites for link exchange, ensure there is a link from the main page to their directory. If you cannot easily find their reciprocal link directory, you can bet the search engine can’t find it either. Look for links that read:

-Link Exchange
-Link Exchange Partners
-Link Partners
-Link to Us
-Add your Link
-Other Sites

Ensure their link exchange software of your reciprocal link partner is Search Engine Friendly. This is the ONLY way that your exchange will count!

-You can validate outgoing links as a spider sees it by using a Search Engine Simulator. Visit one of your partner’s directory pages, and cut and paste the URL into the search engine simulator, submit it and it will show you how many outbound links there are on that page. Looking into it you’ll be amazed at how many scripts available do not provide you with proper back link credit.

Validating True Reciprocal Link Exchange Partners, is the key to make each back link count!