Tips on booking a wedding band

Thinking of booking a live band for your wedding? Here are a few tips to assist you on the way to hire a band for your special day.

  • When you’ve got chosen your venue check what space is available for a band, it might be only suitable for a solo or a duo.
  • Also check for a sound limiter at the venue as these will only allow the band to play at a certain decibel which may result in you having to book acoustic bands instead.
  • Decide on your budget with a little wiggle room just in case you need to push for that extra special band.
  • Do you know what sort of music will entertain all of your guests? With all sorts of bands like funk, soul, indie, brit-pop, folk-rock, jazz and vintage style and so on it vital to get the best fit for your wedding so always check the following point.
  • Ask your band can they perform your special song for your first dance.
  • Band hire is extremely important so make sure your band has public liability insurance and that they have a PAT certificate.
  • Each band also will provide a PA and lighting.
  • Take into consideration that the band will need feeding and furnished with soft drinks for a long day.
  • Most important, book early to avoid the frustration of not having the band you wish available.
  • These are just a couple of points to seem out for when booking your band for your wedding. Music8 Agency will assist you to choose your perfect band.

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