Tips on how to book a band

Looking to book a band or a singer for your wedding or event?

Here are a few tips that will help you make your decision.

• Decide on the genre of music that will suit your guests or clients.
• Your budget, as a solo artist will cost a lot less than if you hire a band.
• Check out the artist’s videos, mp3, and reviews on their page.
• Check the artist’s availability and price and how long they perform for. Also if they provide a DJ set in between their live sets.
• Make sure they have insurance in place and provide their own equipment, pa, and lighting.
• When you have decided on your venue check to see if they have a sound limiter in place as this may prevent a band from performing and you may have to choose an acoustic artist.
• Is there any free parking in place?
• All bands and artists will ask for a supply of soft drinks and possibly food depending on the length of the event.
• Once you have chosen your artist you will have to pay a deposit to secure the booking and then everything will be contracted by the agent.
• It is always a good idea to book early so you are not too disappointed if the artist or band is already booked on your date.
• Finally, if you are booking a band or artist for a wedding you can pick your song for the first dance.

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