Tips to Make Custom Hair Extension Boxes Special

The world of fashion has seen a lot of elegant changes and development. You see manufacturers, looking for ways to come on top of the others. They seek ways to manufacture their products and become the number one retailer in the market. Many of these manufacturers have a smooth landing when it comes to increasing their brand’s popularity. They usually pack their product in as much attractive and enticing packaging as possible. Custom hair extension boxes are the right way.

Like every retail packaging, wholesale hair extension boxes also require some sort of special treatment to make them look unique. Luckily, the packaging industry has numerous additional features to add to your ordinary packaging and make it look more pleasing. Here are some of the best tips from experts to make your hair extension boxes look attractive. 

Custom Hair Packaging Boxes

Window Cut 

When it comes to cosmetics window cut, every cosmetic box should always have one of the most imperative features. You see, without a window cut on the box, most of your consumers will pass by it without admiring the true beauty of the product enclosed in the box. If you are worrying that a window cut can compromise your hair extension’s quality as it will make it exposed to the outer environment than you need to relax. 

Packaging manufacturers care about your product more than yourself, and they cover the cut with a transparent protective plastic sheet. This plastic sheet works both from the perspective of transparency and protection. 


Usability is a factor that most packaging designers ignore while designing most product packaging boxes. However, it is one of the essential packaging features that every cosmetic product packaging should have at least. 

When it comes to a product like hair extensions, things can get tricky when hair extension tangle themselves up, making them nearly useless, if not taken care well. Whereas, usability is a feature that could help hair extensions to be in their best possible condition even after several uses. When you add usability feature in packaging, you discern whether the buyer can handle it quickly or not. 

Various Shapes 

You are dealing in a business similar to cosmetics, and you should consider the things related to options. People love things that come in different styles, size, and shapes of packaging boxes. If you are successful in keeping people expectations up to the mark, you can win them and, of course, plenty of sales as well. 

So, do some research on different shapes, styles, ad sizes of custom hair extension boxes. To give you a head start here are some of the types of packaging boxes that we think would be suitable for hair extension packaging boxes.

  • Sleeve hair extension Boxes
  • Tuck-end hair extension boxes
  • Window cut hair extension boxes.
  • Flip-top hair extension boxes

Add a Hanger

Hair extension is one of those tricky products to handle, and if not taken care of delicate handles, they can become useless. Furthermore, suppose your product gets worthless even after a few uses. 

In that case, people will not take it on themselves but blame the manufacturer for not providing the specific tools to handle. This will lead to negative feedback, hence inclines your sales chart. You can avoid all this by handing a tinie-tiny hanger to support and maintain the hair extension’s texture and form. 

Such small add wouldn’t cost you as much it will provide the benefits to your and buyers as well. A hanger to support the hair extension is one of those elements that most businesses consider as the factor that plays an essential role in after-sale services. 

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The Importance of Packaging Material

To achieve all the features mentioned above, all you need is the best quality of packaging materials that you can easily mould into any size and shape. To achieve all these requirements cardboard and Kraft are the best options to choose from. 

Packaging companies prepare these materials from premium quality materials, cardboard and Kraft provide several benefits to the companies and retailers. The advantages of these materials are:

  • Custom hair packaging boxes, together with Kraft, made boxes print-friendly.
  • Hair packaging made from these materials is quickly customisable assorted shapes and sizes.
  • Both of these materials are environment-friendly and can be recycled, and 
  • If required, Kraft and cardboard can be easily disposed of properly without damaging nature.
  • They can efficiently be utilised in the machines to mould and fold into different shapes.
  • Cardboard and Kraft are inexpensive, which makes these custom hair extension boxes available at lower prices.
  • Another benefit of custom printed boxes is that they can also utilise in their natural look.

Bottom Line

Apart from some of these must-haves explained above, there are a lot of things that you can do to turn your simple looking custom hair extension boxes into a dime and increase your sales within days.

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