GRE exam pattern


GRE is an entrance test in Canada and United States of America for admission to graduate schools and universities. GRE is run by the Educational Testing Service. GRE is for admission to universities and colleges of commerce and law. Analytic prose, verbal and quantitative reasoning are included in the GRE pattern. These two parts each have a time limit of between 60 to 70 minutes. Since GRE is very difficult to crack, here are some tips for preparing for GRE. These tips will show the candidate a way to crack GRE, but the most significant job is hard work of candidates, he or she will not be able to crack it in their life without hard work. Don’t just depend on tips, but give your planning 100 percent.


1. SELF-STUDY: The most important way of scoring well, not only in GRE but in any exam, is self-study. The candidate has his future in his hand, and he is the one who is going to help himself not even institutions. Candidate can do his research, arrange for material on his own, customize his schedule according to his priorities, cracking GRE is a priority. The Candidate knows his weaker side of subjects and can word hard upon it and aces all of them.

  • Online-Study: If someone cannot focus his mind on GRE, then he can join for online preparation as it is now becoming well-known institutions for GRE as many companies provide study materials on their own and they help in every weaker section of the candidate. These online institutions are not very expensive and they are time flexible. The most important advantage of online preparation is that it identifies the hidden weakness of the candidate and assign them the assignment to strengthen it. As a comparison to an offline institution, an online institution is much cheaper.
  • Offline Institution: There are some advantages of offline institutions as well. Offline institutions maintain a strict schedule that the candidate has to follow. If the candidate cannot focus on a bigger batch and wants personal assistance then a private tutor is the best option for him but it is expensive than other modes of institutions. They may take their mock test at any time.
  • Target: The candidate should know the university or college he or she has to admit in and then they should start preparing for GRE and score. If the candidate wants to join smaller or not so much reputed or expensive university or college then he or she should not do so much hard work. If the candidate knows his or weakness in subjects then he or she should target that subject more and should ace in it.

Here are some pro tips for GRE preparation and you should work hard and consider GRE as your priority and you will crack the exam very easily. Don’t lose hope in yourself and try until you succeed. Also, try your best to have a very good command on the GRE exam pattern to succeed and score well.

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