Tips to Select Best Black Tobacco E-Liquid

The world of vaping will introduce you to hundreds of flavors to choose from. But as they say, nothing beats a classic—which is exactly what black tobacco e-liquid is. This flavor is extremely popular with vapers, particularly with newly transitioning from smoking real cigarettes. Why? Because it still gives them the sensation and satisfaction, they get from real cigarettes, without the side effects. 

Of course, not all tobacco e-liquids are the same in terms of quality. The problem with black tobacco e-liquid makers is that many fail to replicate the taste of tobacco. How do you know that you are buying a good one? Here are tips on purchasing black tobacco vape juice. 
Understand the flavor profile 
Makers of black tobacco e-liquid use different types of tobacco, so the resulting flavors vary a lot. Aside from this, they also add different flavors, such as vanilla and fruity notes, to the mix to make the taste more interesting. Read the description carefully to know exactly what you are getting. 
Read the feedback section 
They say if you want to know if a product is worth buying, read online reviews. It’s often better to shop for black tobacco e-liquid online because most stores have a section showing comments from previous buyers. Reading what other people have to say about a brand or flavor of vape juice may save you from making the wrong choice. 

Seek recommendations from reputable reviewers
Because buying vape juice can be tricky, experienced vapers post blogs to educate and provide tips. They are a great source of information about the different brands of e-liquids in the market as they provide comprehensive reviews. Some of the factors they consider when ranking e-liquids are the taste, price, poll results, and overall value for money. 

Take note of nicotine levels 
Most shops let you adjust the nicotine strength of their e-liquids so you can create a flavor that really suits your tastes. In case you don’t know, the “right” nicotine percentage depends on what kind of smoker you are and the type of e-cigarette device you use. Say, if you are a heavy smoker and you have an all-in-one device, go for 12mg of nicotine. If you have sub-ohm devices, then do not go beyond 3mg to 6mg because your device already has enough heat and vapor and creates a strong throat-hit effect.

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