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Tips To Take Care of Your Car Tyres During the Monsoon

Tyres play a pivotal supporting role in a vehicle’s proper functioning. Right from the performance to the driving safety, it’s the Tyres Darlington that get the shot. Its role becomes more crucial in the rainy season. During the monsoon, the roads can be slippery and wet. Hence, your vehicle tyres must be in prime condition to ensure there’s no lag in the delivery of traction and stability. Safety gets high priority during the rainy season. Other aspects like fuel efficiency and rolling resistance take a backseat. So, your vehicle tyres must be well-maintained throughout the year, but more so during the monsoon. 

Here are some of the top tips you can follow to keep your tyres in the best condition during the rainy season:-

Check the Tyre Tread

Tyres with optimal tread depth are more responsive to brakes than with lesser tread depth. So, ensure your car tyres hold the tread depth of 1.6mm – it’s the minimum tread limit. You can measure your tyre’s tread using a tread depth gauge. Many tyre manufacturers provide tread wear indicators inside the grooves. So, if the tyre wears out to some extent, the wear indicator begins to show quickly. When you spot the tread wear indicators, it means your car tyre is worn out and needs replacement. 

Wheel Alignment

Have you noticed any uneven wear on the tyre’s outside or inside at the first step? If yes, then it corresponds to imbalanced or misaligned wheels. With unequal wear and tear, you may also experience heavy steering and vibrations, hampering the overall vehicle handling. Driving over a deep pothole, leaping over an irregular speed breaker and hitting a kerb at fast speeds can also cause this problem. It leads to tyre damage and damage to the suspension as well. So, let a professional check and align your car tyres. 

Maintain Tyre Pressure  

It’s essential to maintain correct tyre pressure as it contributes to equal tyre tread wear and extend your tyre’s life. Over and under-inflation can affect the car’s performance adversely. Under-inflating can cause the tyres to blow out, leading to potential road accidents. When you overinflate a tyre, it loses its ability to control due to loss of grip, resulting in premature tyre wear. 

Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation at regular intervals can enhance its tread life. The service life of your tyre varies. It also depends on driving style, purpose, road and weather conditions, maintenance, etc. When all four car Winter Tyres Darlington do not receive even weight distribution, the tyre’s lifespan may decrease. With the help of tyre rotation, you can increase their life and save some money by using the tyres up to their full potential. Tyre rotation means switching the position of the tyres. So, they wear evenly. You can find the manufacturer’s recommended tyre rotation interval and method in your owner’s manual. 

Driving Style

Poor driving habits can contribute to tyre damage and wear. Avoid unnecessary acceleration in the monsoon. There are chances your vehicle skids and lose control. It’s better to stay away from the roads filled with slush and water. If you can’t avoid such streets, drive slowly and responsibly. Drive in the middle of the road, where the water density is less than the roadsides. 

Refrain from driving the vehicle over water-filled potholes, injuring the tyre and causing car damage. Old tyres or excessively used tyres have a lack of grip. So, monitor the health of the tyres routinely while driving smartly. 

Don’t let the rainy season hinder your car’s performance. Follow these tyre maintenance tips for high levels of safety this monsoon because every safety measure counts. If your car tyres are excessively damaged, head to our workshop. We offer a wide variety of tyres at budget-friendly prices. You can also shop for these tyres online through our official website. 

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