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Toll free numbers can amplify your business communication

A toll free number is usually an 1800 series that can be dialed free of charge, anywhere across India. It is the business that bears the cost of both incoming and outgoing facilities of the toll free service. The numbers usually have prefixes like 860, 855, 888, etc. To buy a toll free number in India, one needs to contact the toll free number service provider; either by visiting their website, or getting in touch through their help desk or the contact number provided.
Toll free numbers are of three types:

● Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)
● International Toll free Numbers
● Domestic Toll free Numbers

Five ways in which Toll free numbers can amplify business communication are as follows:

  1. Strong customer service: A toll free number makes business communication easier with customers. It enhances the brand image. It helps customers to instantly connect for assistance, resolve issues and enquire about service or product details. This improves engagement and customer service satisfaction. It further helps in retaining loyal customers and drawing potential customers. As the call cost is taken care of by the business, customers can easily reach a business without worrying about call charges. As toll free numbers provide 24×7 service, it helps customers to reach business at any time with their queries or complaints.
  2. Economical: Toll free numbers help businesses to grow without onsite infrastructure. It does not need maintenance or up-gradation costs. Toll free numbers are also portable; thus, setting up or relocating is not an issue for businesses. It also makes work from home or taking calls while traveling easier, which reduces barriers to business communication barriers. The service rate of toll free numbers for business are lower than any regular telephone service. Toll free number service provider often offers affordable monthly plans or through cloud options; whichever is feasible and accurate for any particular business.
  3. Easy Access: Toll free numbers provide easy access to call recordings, send SMS acknowledgments to customers, provide real-time alerts; along with options for blacklisting and working hours setup for managing cost. Toll free number service comes with the feature of personalizing the call flow, adding call routing rules to ensure seamless customer service. Toll free number provides a seamless connection for both, business and customers. A universal toll free number is easy to remember and creates a brand image for the business that builds trust for the customers.
  4. Marketing tool: Promoting the business toll free number on marketing platforms can maximize customer turnout. It also allows businesses to get extensions for channels that allow them to track their efforts on the marketing campaigns. Call records, call analysis, and instant feedback through toll free numbers help businesses to conduct market research within a short time and with little investment. ‘Click-to-Call’ feature helps in easy communication and better reach.

Toll free numbers help to capture easy feedback, analyze product launch results, and calls can be routed easily reducing service interruption. With a premium toll free solution, a business can avail of critical features such as data analytics and real-time dashboards. This is helpful for any size of business.

  1. Use of cloud-based platforms: Cloud-based technology gives an additional advantage over the traditional phone system. It provides a platform for maximum uptime and robust infrastructure which enriches customer experiences.

  2. Knowlarity is one of the leading toll free number service providers. Businesses can reach Knowlarity with the dedicated number listed for the region of the business location. It provides services to businesses across international boundaries. To avail of service from this toll free number service provider, a business can directly get in touch through their toll free number given on the website.

The important features of the service include IVR which provides a multi-level menu that establishes immediate interaction with the customers. The feature of call recording allows the business to listen and analyze customer-agent interaction which can be used for better service delivery. It also helps in training agents for customer management service. Call routing helps in easy connectivity and customer satisfaction. Toll free numbers are efficient for modern-day advanced technology-based businesses to traditional industries as well. It can be used by e-commerce as well as by healthcare or retail businesses. It is a simple yet advanced tool of seamless business communication that helps businesses flourish in the present time.

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