Top 10 Holiday Outfits to Bring on the Holiday Spirit This Year!

Tis is the season of joy and an even perfect one for a glow-up! While most of us will be celebrating Christmas from our homes, this guide brings you a list of outfit ideas that you can wear in a casual and in a party setting!

10 Holiday Outfits that will make you feel and look festive!

1. Maxi Dresses:  Women’s maxi dress is the next best thing if you are planning to celebrate the holidays around the homestead. There are a lot of options to choose from in any online clothing boutique. An effortless outfit destined to make you look glamorous this season! The best part of wearing a maxi dress is that you can play a lot along the lines. If you want the glam but also a casual vibe, just throw in a maxi dress and pair it with minimal jewelry, light makeup,  block heels, and a crossbody bag!

Sweater Dresses: You just cannot feel the festive vibe without a women’s sweater. A staple winter outfit that remains in season every year! There is no argument here! However, wearing a sweater dress each year might look a bit monotonous but, we’ve got you! You can spice things up in a lot of different ways! Pair your sweater dress with minimal accessories and jewelry. You can add in ankle-length boots to switch it up! You can also tweak the outfit by adding belts, statement earrings, and a fun sling bag!

Cardigans: This outfit is an example of a casual but ready to party vibe! Turn up your glow-up game by styling your women’s cardigan. Pair your cardigan with a belt instead of buttoning it. What’s more? Glam up the outlook with a pair of jeans, and a graphic tee or blouse. If you want to keep it casual, complete your look with sneakers and light makeup, or else, you can wear ankle-length boots and a smokey makeup to have a chic in-the-city look. 

Athletic Wear: Sportswear is the new casual and we are loving it! This women’s top is a must-have for everyone’s list this festive season! You can choose a two-piece sports outfit and top it with earrings and white sneakers. However, if you want a little bit of fashion, wear a hoodie top instead. This is a cute option and you can complete the look with a messy bun, leggings, stud earrings, and sneakers. 

Cami Tops: Cami tops are everything! Yes! These women’s vest is everything that you can ask for.  Throw in a shimmery pair of pants or a mini skirt with fishnet stockings! Wrap this up with dramatic makeup and statement jewelry. To keep yourselves warm, add a leather jacket or a blazer. 

Corduroy Jackets: For all the fashionistas in us, the jacket season is here! And we are wearing it with style! Grab your Corduroy jackets from any online clothing boutique and customize it your way! Pair it with faded blue jeans and graphic tees or any top. Add a pair of stud earrings and ankle-length boots. 

Camo: Everyone loves a little camo now and then! Don’t you agree? Mix and match your camo cardigan with a women’s vest or cami. For the bottoms, just grab a pair of women’s jeans. To finish this look, we love a pair of stud earrings or dangle earrings and sneakers.

Short Dresses: Be it church, a date night with that guy you like, or a holiday, short dresses are our savior! They don’t ask for much, but they surely deliver an elegant look. If you are tired of wearing dresses, it’s time to change the game! Wear your dress with matching pointed heels or block heels. Pair it with statement jewelry and beach wavy curls. 

Joggers set: Planning a quiet holiday this year? Honestly, most of us are! But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Grab yourselves joggers set from any online clothing boutique. Turn this pyjama set into a showstopping outfit! Pair your joggers set with comfy home slippers and minimal makeup and statement stud earrings. 

Maxi Skirts: Planning for your winter wardrobe? Don’t forget to add a chic maxi skirt to your list! Tuck in a designer blouse or a basic black tee, or you can totally plan for a monochrome look. If you choose the blouse and the tee, pair this outfit with sandals and jute handbags with cool shades and dangle or stud earrings.

But if you are planning for a chic monochrome look, pair your skirt with a matching puffy blouse and ankle-length or medium length boots and matching shades. 

Wait! We have more ideas for you. You can also match your maxi skirt with sock-booties and a faux fur coat to give you an aesthetic artsy look. You can style this look with braids and a contrasting black and white sling bag. 

Stop! How can we forget the denims? Well, get yourself a denim maxi skirt and own the look with a turtleneck women’s top and pointed heels. You can also wear a camel coat if you need more warmth. 

There are a lot of ways to style your winter wardrobe. You can mix and match anything off this list and you would be in for a surprise! If you plan to stay -in with your family or go out with the girls, this comprehensive guide has the best of both worlds! Enjoy the festivities with a happy heart and own the season with confidence and these glamorous, jaw-dropping outfits. 

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