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Top 5 DIY Gifts Ideas That You Can opt For This Christmas 2021!!!!

Everything is meaningless, only your family and friends matter in your life, so keep them safe and secure this Christmas. As we all know due to the covid-19 pandemic a lot of folks lost their jobs and due to this, there is deep lamentation. It does mammoth destruction in the lives of people all over the world. So, don’t worry you can revive them by giving small presents this Christmas full of precautions and safety. The gifts can motivate them to the fullest and make them smile. Here, we are going to tell you a few DIY (do-it-yourself) gifts that you can make yourself at home and present to your dear and near ones without any exhaustive expenses that can drain you. It’s an occasion where you can become inventive and save some bucks. DIY makes you feel that you are creative. It reveals the concealed talent that you have in you and presents it to the world. Moreover, the Christmas
Plum cake
, gifts you create with your hands have different vibes in them because it has your time, money, and a lot of love in it. It exhibits the true efforts that you have put in to make your dear and near one special.

List of DIY gifts ideas for Christmas

Cookies in jar

Yummy, isn’t it when you hear this word your mouth fills with water. This can be an amazing idea to make your Christmas exciting and special. Prepare some cookies with any base, like coconut, oats, wheat, bake it with love and sprinkle some choco chips on them. It is time-saving and less expensive and has a lot of feelings in it, this gives a sense of pure love and makes everyone feel nourished with good ingredients in it. So, if you love cooking and baking this would be the best option for you along with Christmas flowers present on the table. It will look mesmerizing and attractive with blooms.

Photo calendar

It would be an outstanding gesture to your loved ones by placing pictures on the calendar. Every morning they will see the beautiful picture of them and start the day. You can place some spiritual pictures on the calendar to make them more positive while getting up in the morning. When they will see the picture of Jesus Christ early in the day, they will eventually imbibe the positive side of the world for the whole day. You can print the photo calendar at home only with the help of a printer and some photo paper, moreover, you can spiral them or stick them with glue and you can place some artificial flowers on it to make it more attractive.

Mini coaster

It would be a different one as it won’t take much time for you and will look good to everyone. Without a coaster every cup looks incomplete, if the cup has an amazing coaster it looks more attractive, moreover, if it is made by you with little effort, it will be a plus point. You just need to take long square shape sticks and some flat sticks of wood and stick them in a square shape, after painting them with different colors that you like or according to the color of the cup and sprinkle some glitters on it to make them more eye-catchy.


Who doesn’t like a cheesecake? Everyone loves cheesecake with a cup of coffee. It makes an amazing cheesecake for your family and makes them feel happy or you can order an online cake, you have got varieties of cake online or this is the easy cake to bake at home. Cheesecake will give a positive vibe on Christmas eve. So, go for it and start cherishing the moment.

Homemade salsa

Nachos are the best snack and everybody loves it without salsa, it cannot be completed. It is the most prominent sauce of Mexico and it has endless love all over the world. It is very easy to make at home and is the best salsa made of fresh tomatoes with the help of chilies, onion, garlic and for some more taste and according to your taste buds you can add some sugar in it. This would be the best DIY for the foodies, who love to eat salsa.

We hope you liked the suggestions that we have given you guys. Indeed, they are awesome, try it and make your family and loved one’s special, and if there are not enough order flowers online with them.