Top 5 Latest Apps to Manage Your Finances

Top 5 Latest Apps to Manage Your Finances

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin

Not as simple as it sounds, money management is a time-consuming process that takes time for anyone to master. But still, monitoring and controlling your spending habits is very important, especially in today’s digital age where it’s not just about balancing your bank passbook and chequebook. To help you track your spending and keep everything neatly under your budget, there are a lot of personal finance apps available in the market.

All you need to do is choose the best personal finance appaccording to your specific business needs and connect it to your bank account. Not only do these apps highlight the areas where you’re spending more than the required amount, but they also notify you about upcoming bill payments and serve as a safe platform for you to clear those bills. Other attractive features that these apps have in stock for you include bill due dates, e-mail reminders, shared wallets and track subscriptions, whether you are an iOS or an android smartphone user. Here are the best latest apps to organize finances like a pro, so that you never have to worry about your investment portfolio and credit score again:

1.  Mint

One personal finance management app that has got everybody talking these days is Mint. Launched by Intuit, this is one of the best personal finance apps that offers complete financial planning under one roof. If you’ve got your credit and debit cards attached to Mint, you can easily pull out and categorize any transaction anytime to spearhead your expenditures meticulously. With Mint, sticking to your defined budget and keeping a track of your bills, utility payments and investments becomes easier. What’s more? You get free access to your credit score with a proper breakdown of points affecting your credit health.

2.  Prism

If bills are always on your mind and just thinking about overdues gives you nightmares, this is the perfect app for you. Rated as one of the latest apps to organize finances, Prism touts the highest number of billers, including smaller utility companies and larger banks. With this simple app, you can completely dodge unpleasant situations involving late payments. Prism allows you to add all your bills, schedule payments, and get due date reminders without having to log in to several different accounts.

3.  Personal Capital

For flawless wealth management at minimum investment, many business owners hire financial analyst from India or other affordable geographies. But little do they know that there is an app in the market with which they cannot just manage their everyday spending accounts, but also their investments and assets. With Personal Capital, you can easily link your accounts within the app as it offers service across 14,000 financial institutions. The mobile and tablet versions of the app are loaded with built-in intelligence to allow you to spearhead diversification, risk management, and recognize spots with hidden fees that can be saved. The app also provides you customized advice of registered financial advisors.

4.  You Need A Budget

We know debts are inevitable but paying them off by adhering to your budget and controlling your expenses needs some serious planning. If you aspire to clear all your debts and come out of it all for a much-deserved sigh of relief, You Need A Budget is the best one-stop solution for you. The four rules that dominate this app are giving every dollar a job, embracing your true expenses, rolling with the punches, and aging your money.

5.  EveryDollar

As they say, budgeting is the first step towards financial freedom. If you are one of those people who find it really hard to stick to a budget, you need to download EveryDollar right now. The app has a built-in monthly expense tracker, and is based on renowned personal finance expert, Dave Ramsey’s zero-based budget method. This unique method makes every dollar in your budget count, hence the name.

Wrapping Up

Almost all the above-mentioned latest apps to organize finances have both free and paid versions. If you’re looking for an affordable, organized and easy way to manage your finances, just pick up your smartphone and download the one that best suits you right now.

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