Vastu Shastra Tips for Entering in A New Home

Top 5 Vastu Shastra Tips for Entering in A New Home

Vastu Shastra is the art of harmonious living known for bringing peace and prosperity into the atmosphere of a household. Its use in a residential or commercial facility enhances the impact of positive energy and channels the influence for constant improvements. If you are moving to a new house and willing to experience the scalability of happiness and tranquility, then you can consider using the basic rules of Vastu Shastra in your new place.

Buying land and then constructing it according to the general norms of Vastu may not be a possibility for everyone. Not to mention the lack of time due to which people usually buy pre-furnished homes these days. It is not a necessity to disrupt the basic structure of your house to experience the benefits of Vastu. You just need to employ a few changes into the interior of your house to see how Vastu can help your beginning at your new place. Keep these essential Vastu Shastra tips in mind while choosing a new living place. If you have already moved in and need some more help, you can consult a certified Vastu expert in Delhi to learn more about residential Vastu.

Some of those Vastu Shastra tips are explained below:

Analyze the Directions of Your House

When you are making arrangements in your house according to the rules of Vastu Shasta, you can’t skip involving the science behind the different directions of your new home. The ancient science of Vastu Shasta implicates that the entrance of the house is designated for bringing a source of energy into the place and it can be both positive and negative. When you are moving into a new house or selecting a new place to move in, make sure that its entrance is situated in the north, east, or north-east direction.

Pay Attention to the Positioning of Other Rooms

Aside from the main entrance of your new residential setting, other rooms of the house also need your attention. Vastu consultants in Delhi NCR and other parts of India highly recommend checking the direction of rooms before buying a new place.

For instance, the kitchen suits better when located in the southeast direction of the house. Scientific Vastu professionals state that the kitchen in the north direction never really goes with the overall energy of the house. Similarly, the bathroom placement fits in the west and northwest directions. Always remember that you can’t fix the negative energies wrong directional kitchen and bathroom can bring. Hence, it is crucial to see around your new place before finalizing the purchase.

Check the Bedrooms for the Entrance of Sunlight

When you are checking the bedrooms of your potential home, you better look out for the direction and amount of sunlight entering the room simultaneously. Also, the bedroom for adults should be in the southeast direction whereas the kids’ room can be in the southwest direction for optimal effect in the entire house. the exact positioning of the bedroom according to the Vastu Shasta brings peace of mind and a night of good sleep.

Don’t Avoid the Shapes & Designs in the House

The ancient science behind the general rules of Vastu Sastra deals with every possible element that adds value to the interior of the house. Various shapes, forms, designs, and patterns are some of those elements. Vastu explains that the circular infrastructure of a room might seem quite fancy and attractive, but it is not as powerful and influential as square-shaped and rectangular-shaped rooms.

Terrace Water Tank & Ventilation

The water tank on the roof should be in the southwest or west direction of the house. other than this, try to place it at least 2-feet above the ground. In Vastu Shasta, the entrance of air and sunlight is also very crucial as they affect the financial ins-outs of the house. Poor ventilation and lack of sunlight can’t fight the negative energies your new house may embody in several corners of the place.