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Top 5 WooCommerce SMS Plugins for Marketing Automation

These days staying in touch with the targeted audience is considered highly crucial for the business to become known in the market place and for its growth. For staying in touch with the targeted audience, the message plays an important role. SMS’s are considered better than emails as emails are unread for days, whereas text messages are read immediately. While sending an SMS, you have to make sure that you don’t annoy the customer as it is the best way through which eCommerce stores can communicate with their customers.

The Woocommerce sms plugin lets you manage automated SMS notification straight from the WordPress dashboard. Wocommerce is free and open-source, which is a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. With this, one can set up and run an online store efficiently, smoothly and in no time. It helps you to send both digital and physical products. SMS plugin for WordPress is useful when you want to get notified after the order is being placed. Through this, both buyer and seller receive the notification after the order has been placed.

Some of the top picks for the WooCommerce SMS plugin are:

  • mTalkz

mTalkz offers the facility to the users to customize their messages according to their wish. They integrate bulk SMS to your WordPress website in a minute. mTalkz plugin removes the programming effort. They notify the store owners about the new orders and even send an SMS notification to the client for the order status. They offer the facility to verify OTP with COD and OTP validation for customer registration. mTalkz is even known for its worldwide connectivity, and they send bulk SMS to 225 countries all over the world.

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  • Twilio SMS Notifications 

They offer a great way to send SMS message with WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can send updates to the customers via text message regarding the order, like whether the order is processed or not, on hold, refunded etc. You can also manually type and send an SMS to your customer via an admin dashboard. Except for customer messaging, you can also send yourself SMS messages whenever the sale is completed.

  • AutomateWoo

They not only send SMS notifications but also has the tools that can help your business grow and earn profits. They are the most customizable eCommerce platform for building an online business. They let you send SMS notifications and beautiful follow-up emails. They offer various other facilities to increase the business’s sale like review rewards, personalized coupons, automatic VIP. All this helps to boost the sale by attracting lots of customers.

  • YITH WooCommerce SMS Notification

They have a solid plugin for sending automated SMS notifications based on the order status. This plugin can be used to automatically shorten the links using either google or bitly. Admin text can even be sent to multiple phone numbers.

  • SMS Alert Notification

This  is a free plugin. SMS Alert Notification notifies the buyers and admins through SMS notification. Admins can customize the messages according to their wish. They notify users after the number is registered. The plugin supports the feature of shortening the URL. One actually best and clean feature in this plugin is the ability to message your customers a “one-time password.” If they forget their password, this is a right way to let them regain password using their verified phone number.

While any one of these plugins can work best for WooCommerce, you should select the best that offers lots of features and is beneficial for your business growth. I trust you discovered this assortment of WooCommerce SMS warning modules supportive, and in the event that you found an extraordinary new module for your site, kindly consider sharing this article before you go.

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