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Top 6 Tips that Will Help you in Increasing your Website SEO Rank on Google

Businesses today need to have their presence in the digital platforms! If not, it’s hard to adapt to the digitized space. Further, the presence of numerous websites makes it essential for your site to rank better than the others.

This is where the concept of SEO comes in! Today, website owners need to ensure that their platforms are aligned with the SEO trends to ensure proper ranking. But, in case you’re confused about the why and how this article will be looking at the top 6 such steps to get a high SEO rank on Google. 

Ways of Improving Your SEO Rank:

If you are willing to increase your website’s SEO rank, there is a list of things that has to be done to improve the ranking. In addition, several things can be done to improve ranking organically by using better marketing techniques or by launching ads on social media platforms.

Here we will discuss only the steps that any small or big startup will implement with the help of specialized SEO experts. And as Google is the most popular search engine, we will be discussing points targeted at improving SEO ranks on the Google platform.

  • Pick a good keyword – The first step will be to understand your product and the type of customer you are trying to target. This will help you search for keywords that the particular customer base uses and choose the most commonly used word as your focus keyword.

Several third-party tools will help you get a list of keywords that people usually search for along with their search frequency.

  • Research about your competitors – Knowing your competition is significant in creating a good SEO campaign. If you are willing to get the topmost SEO rank, you should know the companies ranked just below you.

There is constant change in this digital world, and you have to keep up with that and keep on upgrading. It can also help you in getting inspiration if you are up against some hefty competition.

  • Create meaningful content – As you now have an idea who your competitors are and what kind of product they are providing, you have to create something that does everything that they do and something extra. This extra bit will be your customer magnet and will play a pivotal role in improving the traffic.

Google algorithms consistently rank good quality content over others. Your content must be precise, engaging, relatable, and interactive to earn a high SEO rank on Google. Having a good SEO Agency is beneficial as they will help you make the perfect content for your website.

  • Put keywords properly – Keywords are markers used by the search engine to understand the kind of service a website provides. But keywords should be put organically within the content. There are a lot of places other than the main body where the keywords can be inserted.

For example, the keyword can be placed in title, headings, and name or alt tag of an image. You can even add the keywords within the URL of a particular page for better SEO rank and reach.

  • Use internal links – You should be happy with the type of content you produce, and there should be links between different pages of your website. This will help users to travel from one page to another without any problem.

In addition, this repeated reference to your page will make the search engine understand the importance of your page, which will lead to a higher SEO rank.

  • Get external links – Making other web pages refer to your articles and blogs can rapidly improve your SEO ranking. Having an influential brand in the SEO Experts industry to make your web page will ensure that outside pages use your pages as a reference.



The step mentioned earlier should be on the checklist of every SEO expert to rank high according to the Google search engine algorithms. Constant change and adaptation are the keys to success in the digital business platform. Therefore, hiring an expert is very beneficial if you are starting without much experience in this field.

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