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Top 9 Delicious Cake Flavours For Your Wedding Anniversary

Either It’s your first wedding anniversary or your father’s 25th wedding anniversary.  An anniversary is a most celebrated moment that should be celebrated with a cake. It’s the best idea to build a good mood for the celebration. Decoration, lighting, ambiance are main along with the right food. So, what about the real party prop and center of attraction – Cake.  Yes, the cake is the desired food item now that’s gaining good popularity whatever the kind of celebration is. If you are thinking of celebrating your anniversary, then you must get a cake. Just the cake itself is not going to do justice for the anniversary. It needs to be special, doesn’t it? The design, look, and mainly the taste & flavour of the cake are crucial aspects of the cake.

Although, the anniversary is just celebrated once a year.  So make it huge and tasty by choosing a cake with promising flavors that everyone, mainly your partner, loves. If you are thinking of making the anniversary celebration more special, then consider a rich flavor. 

As we now know the perfect addition for the anniversary celebration. We listed a few cake flavour of the anniversary cakes to look at when you are planning the wedding anniversary. 

1. Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake

Red became the symbol of love and romance. So, in case your partner is too dedicated to love and its symbols, this red velvet cake should be your main priority. Red Velvet Cake is great for anniversaries to birthday occasions, this delightful cake is a beautiful way to express your love for the people. This cake is such a traditional cake with bright reddish and dark red colours. That bright red colour is obtained from food colouring or beetroot. And, the cream cheese frosting adds more delight to it. 

2. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

After red velvet cake, the one cake that is appreciated by the couples is chocolate cake. Too moist and delicious flavoured chocolate cake is something a couple needs to celebrate their wonderful relationship with. Whether your partner loves chocolate or not, the chocolate cake can truly delight every taste bud.  However, who doesn’t love chocolate? Along with chocolate cake, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate lava, and more other popular cake flavour that you can order for the anniversary. Chocolate cakes always rule every heart, so let it rule your partner’s heart too.  

3. Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake

If your partner loves a simple flavour then Vanilla should be your pick. Vanilla is one of the splendid flavours that’s ordered by everyone. Yeah, vanilla is known to be the flavour that’s loved by the oldest ones. But remember that it’s still the most loved flavour till now. With the outstanding vanilla flavour and that soft crumb with creamy vanilla buttercream over it, the whole cake is the finest vanilla cake to taste. With high flavours of vanilla cake and the addition of sweeteners, vanilla cake is a popular option for anniversaries.  

4. Butterscotch Cake

Butterscotch Cake

After vanilla cake flavour, how can we not discuss its sister flavour – butterscotch that’s been trending for ages similar to vanilla. Butterscotch cakes have the sweet crunchy feel that not only impresses taste buds but also impresses our eyes. With sweetness, flavours, cream, and buttercream, and more caramelising elements made the butterscotch a prominent cake flavour for the anniversary parties.

5. Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake

Well, well, well as we said above red is the symbol of love then pink is another colour after red that resembles love. Its sweetness and pastel pink colour then the confection of the strawberry flavour made the strawberry cake a desirable option for an anniversary. Not just the flavour, even the decoration of icing with freshly added slices of the strawberry offers an incredible finishing touch to the cake. 

6. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

Black forest is a universal favourite cake flavour. Yes, it has a chocolate flavour, the smoothness of vanilla cake, and the tangy flavour with rich cream & frosting make this cake perfect to celebrate on the anniversary. It has a chocolate sponge that is compressed with rich cherry juices then finished with more cherries. It’s been on the list of celebrity cakes for any occasion. Most couples in the world bring this to the party as the exotic royalness of the cake always attracts people.  If you don’t know what flavours your partner likes, this cake flavour is the perfect one to order. 

7. Pineapple cake

Pineapple cake

Hello fruit lovers, if your special one is on diet or just loves fresh fruit flavours then look no more than a pineapple cake. Pineapple cake comes with minerals, fibre, and vitamins. The cake is super tasty and healthy and has a great flavour to celebrate your anniversary.  It’s juicy, moist, and fruity flavours than the little pineapple pieces while chewing can be the beautiful thing to celebrate on your anniversary. 

8. Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

If coffee is something that wakes up your partner and him/her a cheerful morning then give it to them in the form of dessert. Then welcome this fluffy easy coffee cake that your partner can’t take their fingers and eyes off.  The perfect slice of coffee cake makes a good treat or a midday pleasure. Coffee cakes are compatible with normal gatherings and also a delicious cake to begin the day. It’s the most magical cake which gets away and is acceptable to have at any time of your beautiful day. 

9. Blueberry Cake

Blueberry Cake

Blueberry is another fruit cake with incredible health benefits. With its unique taste and tenderness,  a blueberry cake is the best way of having a good celebration.  A blueberry cake is sweetened with maple syrup, which makes it more delicious. This cake is too soft and tender that’s filled with blueberries. How can we forget a dollop of whipped cream is the main reason why blueberry cake is the best option for an anniversary. 

So these are the top anniversary cake flavors. You could pick one from the list or explore more delicious flavored cakes right in the popular cake delivery services such as Dp Saini Florist. Dp Saini Florist is packed with a huge array of anniversary cakes with various designs, flavors, types, or if you like to be customized for your spouse you can do that too by contacting the bakers. All cakes can be customized for you and your spouse. Visit Dp Saini Florist today and select the cake you like then get it delivered right to the doorsteps within a few minutes. 

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