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Top Advantages of Using Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows

What makes tilt and turn windows an excellent design option for contemporary houses and offices. The sophisticated mechanism and functionalities distinguish these windows from a major of other window styles. This post will outline these functionalities and their advantages. But, what are tilt and turn windows? 

Tilt and Turn Windows

The exceptional weather sealing and safety systems of tilt and turn windows have proven to be an excellent solution for homeowners worldwide. 

These windows are particularly useful and adaptable since they include a hinge system that allows a two-direction opening. You can open these tilt and turn windows widely by opening them like a standard casement window. 

More importantly, you can also open the window by tilting it inwards from the bottom. When titled at the bottom, the top of the window inclines into the room, allowing for a smaller aperture for aeration. 

Tilt & turn windows add a valuable and sophisticated accent to any home or workplace.

Tilt and turn windows have ample advantages. 

Ease of Cleaning 

Aluminium tilt and turn windows undergo anodisation, making the product susceptible to corrosion or moisture damage. Top window manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA go a step further to utilise their patented TEXGUARD coating method. 

This coating prevents tilt and turns windows from accumulating dust on the surface, making cleaning easier. In fact, all you need to do is wipe the glass area with a cloth. Furthermore, TEXGUARD coating ensures that aluminium tilt and turn windows do not lose their gloss, lustre, and colour for upto 40 years. Hence, you do not have to worry about investing in refurbishing these windows for up to 40 years. 

Flexible Ventilation

With a tilt and turn window, you have better control over maintaining air circulation in a particular space. You have the option of leaving the window open completely for optimal ventilation or closing it slightly while still letting some fresh air indoors. This unique window feature design makes it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial buildings.

Furthermore, such control over ventilation makes these windows ideal for areas that receive heavy rainfall. In fact, most homeowners often refer to these windows as monsoon windows. You can leave the window in a tilted position when it is raining and enjoy the nice breeze of air without inviting water inside. Also, the drainage system in the windows directs the water to only drain outside. 

Exceptional Security

Tilt and turn windows are highly secure. For this particular reason, these windows are also popular in the bedroom area. You can leave the window open in the tilted position overnight without having to worry about breaking in. Tilt and turn are ideal for family houses with little children as well— the inward tilting for minimum opening allows ventilation without having to worry about children falling out or hurting themselves. 

Also, since tilt and turn windows are composed of aluminium, you can be assured of their hardware. It may not be the case with UPVC windows, which are made of plastic. So, it is best to be a little careful while selecting the suitable material for your tilt and turn windows. Moreover, a few aluminium window manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA utilise the Crescent locking mechanism in tilt and turn windows, which is sturdier and more secure than a generic push lock. 

Saves Space and Enjoy Stellar Views

Tilt and turn windows are an excellent solution for saving space in your house. You can utilise the window with the tiniest opening without having to open it completely. Thanks to the flexibility of tilt and turn windows, it does not invade unnecessary space at home. 

Moreover, tilt and turn windows composed of aluminium are not chunky or bulky from the edge. This feat is possible because aluminium is sturdy, which is also why it ensures maximum glass area in the windows. In fact, aluminium tilt and turn windows have minimal sightlines, helping the occupants provide an isometric view without any obstructions. 

Airtight Sealing

Tilt-and-turn windows are equipped with superior air sealing features. These aluminium windows are installed with rubber and precision nano-tech gaskets, which provide sealing against dust, air, and water. 

In fact, some manufacturers also install EPDM gaskets, which helps provide sound insulation benefits. You can further reduce the noise by going with double or triple glazed windows. These features also help aluminium tilt and turn windows prevent the outside environment from destabilising the temperature indoors. 


Aluminum tilt & turn windows accentuate the performance and the visual aesthetics of a house. Many people find the tilting vent configuration highly appealing. Tilt and turn windows, unlike other windows, open inwards for better security, airflow, and ease of maintenance. All of the reasons discussed above make these innovative, modern windows a popular home project element

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