Top JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Top JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

JavaScript is amongst the prominent multi-paradigm programming languages that recently won its perennial ascendancy in the front-end mobile app development domain. While there are plenty of other platforms with far more extensive tools and frameworks, JavaScript has managed to maintain its mark in digital technology for eight glorious years in a row.

Aside from being an optimal convenience for front-end developers across the world, this popular programming language is also known for its constant improvements. Well-known mobile app development companies and software developers prefer using JavaScript tools and frameworks to finish their web and app projects in a scheduled timeframe.

In this post, we will focus on some of the most efficient JavaScript frameworks that alleviate mobile app development. Keep reading through the list to find out the best one amongst all:

Most Useful JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

1. React JS

When we talk about JavaScript, React JS is the first term that comes to mind. Indeed, it’s the most preferred app development framework that front-end developers like to dwell upon. The reason why React JS has been in the technology game for all these years is that mobile app developers can learn it with complete ease. Apart from this, this platform has a fast virtual DOM which effectively complements its flexibility. Experts claim that React JS is the second most used mobile app development framework in 2021, and these numbers are going to grow exponentially in the upcoming years.

2. TypeScript

The typeScript was introduced in the frontend app development framework arena in 2021 with simplified Syntax and some other efficacies that made it popular amongst the top software development companies in India. Thanks to the streamlined navigation of TypeScript, front-end app developers can easily code algorithms and debug complex issues.

In addition to these specialties, TypeScript works tremendously well for big-scale projects as it exhibits the flexible competence of JavaScript. In the past few years, it has already outcast Python and C# which is a good sign for mobile app development companies in India.

3. Svelte

Front-end developers in leading mobile app development companies trust the proficiency of Svelte for curating outstanding application projects. Even though it was launched in 2016, but it went to become one of the highest-ranking inventions in the app development sector in just four years.

The reason why the majority of experienced front-end development experts use Svelte as the main framework is quick and easy mobile and web app development. Also, this platform comes with a few reusable components that developers can leverage from other JavaScript frameworks. Svelte front-end development framework has concise syntax and effortless code-splitting which professional agencies consider as an advantage for mobile app development in 2021.

4. Vue.js

The best option was saved for the last part! There are hundreds of frameworks with varying qualities and features for easy front-end app development. And yet, Vue.js maintains its position in the top mobile app development frameworks attracting the attention of app building professionals across the world.

It was initially launched in 2014, but its recent version released in September 2020 made it a top selection for creating expensively planned smartphone apps. Lightweight design, easy usability, and streamlined customization are some features that secure this framework in the top ten list of globally accredited front-end development platforms.

The ease of accessibility is another considerable reason why Vue.js is majorly compared with Laravel, Django, React JS, Express, and other commonly used app development frameworks. Let’s see what new improvements the September version of Vue.js acquires:

  • Compiler-informed virtual DOM for boosting the overall performance
  • Layered modules and comparatively smaller bundle sizes.
  • TypeScript integration with enhanced support and features
  • Composition API for simplified large-scale project development

To make Vue.js as powerful and efficient as it is today, creators consumed two whole years before launching Vue.js 3.0 in 2020. A team of 100 contributors burnt the candle at both ends to accomplish the advancement in a tight deadline. Nonetheless, the latest variant is far more effective and beneficial for app developers in India and overseas.

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Let’s move on to Vue.js features that succeeded in impressing software development companies in 2021:

  • The virtual DOM element of this recent version fastens the rendering of content and pages.
  • Reusable user interface components alleviate the entire process of web and mobile application development and constant maintenance.
  • The data binding feature is customized for one-way acceleration to enable the data flow between various components.
  • Compatibility with third-party libraries for JS dependency injections makes it possible to reuse codes without resulting in any errors.
  • Official typings and decorators let the front-end developers amalgamate JavaScript and Vue.
  • The compact bundle size and lightness of Vue.js 3.0 are remarkably convenient compared to Angular JS and other frameworks.

Final thoughts – These are the top JavaScript frameworks actively used for front-end app development projects. Each one of them has certain components and in-built tools that help top app development companies in India create high-speed and user-friendly apps. No matter how complex the concept is, the right framework choice will get you there conveniently.

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