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Top-notch Methods to Deal With Rat Infestation

Rats! One of the most creepy creatures that you will never want to see in your home. They are ugly and disease-carrying creatures. They are one of the most hated pests in the world, and you will prefer a haunted house over a mouse-infested one. The diseases and damage they bring to your home are unacceptable.

You will never want to have rats roaming in your home everywhere. They will cause huge damage to your property as they can chew through everything that comes in their contact. Don’t worry! We are here with solutions to all your problems related to a rat infestation. While the obvious choice is to hire the best rat control Surrey BC services, there’s more you can do get rid of rats.

Have a glance at the following top-notch methods to deal with rat infestation to get rid of them. 

Find the Signs of Rat Infestation

The first thing that you need to do is to find out if your house is infested or not. You cannot move ahead without deciding that. To do so, you need to keep an eye on the signs of rats infestation in your home. Here are these signs.

• When your home is infested with rats, you can smell the pungent aroma of ammonia. This is due to their urine brimming with nitrogen in air and production of ammonia as a result.

• They are very noisy. The sound becomes even louder when they are chewing your household items. This sound is used as an identification of rats.

• Droppings and Smudges are also associated with rat infestation. Rats usually have poor eyesight and follow the same path repeatedly to get into their habitat. They drop black-colored excretory pellets on the way. Smears and smudges across the path are also visible.

• It is impossible that rats live in your home and don’t damage things. If you find chewed books, storage boxes, wooden items, or other accessories in your home, it’s definitely done by rats.

If you see any of these signs in your home, it means your house is infested with rats.

Inspecting your Home

Inspecting your home will be the next step to confirming the rats’ presence and finding their habitat. You can never solve the rat infestation problems without knowing their habitat in your home. For that purpose, you need to inspect every inch of your home and check where rats have been living in your home. 

Pay special heed to their entrance points. For that purpose, you need to inspect the outside of your home as well. Pay attention to damaged drains and open holes near your home. They are the main entry points for rats to get inside your home.

Fill the Gaps

After inspecting your home thoroughly, you will be able to find what are the possible places where rats can build their home. Moreover, you will also find all the cracks and open holes that serve as their entrance. The next step is to close them.

Fill them up using some strong filling material will be a good choice. You must go for the concrete filling to fill up the gaps. It is tough enough not to get damaged easily. 

Trapping Them

The most traditional way to catch mice in your home is to trap them. Trapping has been working for a long time to do this job. Several homemade traps have been used for this purpose. However, the most preferred is a trapper which you bought from the market. These trappers have an automatic system to capture rats when they come in contact. Moreover, they will also die and you have to eliminate them simply.

Use of Home Remedies

Home remedies are the prime things to deal with any infestation. Use them for rat infestation too. To block the entrance, you can place peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, cloves, or black pepper at the entrance point. You can use their powdered form as well. Their smell discourages the rats. Similarly, spraying pepper spray around the habitats of rats in your home will irritate them by blocking their air passage. This, too, inhibits them from entering your home. 


Use the above methods to eliminate rats from your home. If they don’t work for you, immediately call pest exterminators in Surrey. They are perfect at dealing with the rat infestation.