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Top Ob-Gyn EMR Features, Reviews and Demos

How an Ob Gyn EMR Can Help you 

If you are considering getting an Ob-Gyn EMR then we have a few suggestions we would like to make to you. Before we list down some of the best EMR for Ob Gyn we want to tell you exactly how an EMR can help you and your medical practice in the first place. 

With an EMR software you are able to manage various aspects of your medical practice apart from keeping your patient health records organized. From managing your schedule perfectly so that you are able to see as many patients in a day as possible to being able to verify insurance information for your patients even before the first appointment so you do not have to face issues with payment later on. 

All in all, an EMR software can be a very big asset to your medical practice but only if you choose the right one. Our list of EMR software will hopefully help you figure out which EMR is the right call for you! 

Top Ob Gyn Software Right Now 


athenaOne is a staple in any list consisting of different top tier software. As an EMR for ob gyn this software again happens to be very suitable. With this you have a great billing feature which helps you do charge capture so you do not charge the same patient multiple times. This saves you a lot of time and hassle you would have gotten yourself in otherwise. 

Other than that, another great feature in athenaOne is the telehealth feature which allows for you to be able to remotely schedule video call appointments with patients. During the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns this feature was incredibly helpful in letting doctors see their patients instead of having to cancel appointments entirely. 


NextGen is a brilliant software option with a lot to offer its users. For an Ob Gyn practice, the software provides amazing templates that you can choose from and even customize so that you can have a template which suits your needs perfectly. 

Other than this, it also has a wonderful e-prescription feature that allows for you to be able to make prescriptions virtually so that you do not have to worry about having patients come in for such a small task of just picking up a prescription paper. You can send the e-prescription to whatever pharmacy happens to be most convenient for them and thus this makes NextGen a great option for everyone involved. 

Kareo Clinical

One of the best aspects of employing Kareo EHR software at your medical practice is the fact that it sends out reminders to both you and your patients so everything keeps running smoothly. It sends appointment reminders to both parties which reduces the number of no-shows you might have experienced in the past. It also sends reminders for due dates on medical bills your patients owe. 

Another reason why Kareo has made it in our list for best EMR for Ob Gyn is the customizable dashboard it has. With a customizable dashboard feature you can easily switch things up to how you prefer them instead of having to nervously navigate through your dashboard and not being able to get the hang of it. 


PrognoCIS EMR also has several great features which make it a contender in our list for best EMR for Ob Gyn. One such feature of PrognoCIS is the patient portal which gives patients access to a platform that enables them to schedule their own appointments, pay their bills online and a lot more; all of which contributes to a higher level of patient satisfaction and success for you! 

The software also has a great billing feature which enables you to make accurate bills which can automatically be sent to your patients. The software also sends due date reminders so payments are not late and can be recovered easily by you! 


AdvancedMD is another very popular software and has been around for quite a while. With this software, you get access to practice management software that helps you schedule your appointments and keep track of them so that you are never caught unaware and are always on top of things regarding your practice. 

Another great feature in AdvancedMD is the financial analysis feature that lets you figure out your financial position so that you know where you stand and what it means. It tells you about areas of your practice that need to be optimized so that you are able to be more successful! 

Which Ob Gyn EMR you Should Invest in

At the end of the day, whatever EMR you choose is your choice. Make sure you make a decision based on features that will benefit you the most. You can ask the vendor for a demo of the software before you commit to it and also read as many EMR reviews online as you can before making the commitment to a software. 
We hope our list of best EMR for Ob Gyn helps make your decision of which software to go with a little easier!

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