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Top Reasons Why Flowers Are Romantic?

Romance is a feeling, and red being the colour of love is always associated with it. In a country like India, which is a very traditional place and where culture, beliefs are given importance, red colour and flowers are considered very auspicious. We use it in every celebration and most of all, at weddings. Due to the impact of western culture, we Indians have started celebrating Valentine’s Day. On this day, the boy expresses his love to his lady, along with presenting a bunch of red roses. 

Red is the colour of passion and love. Suppose you are still waiting for your girl to say yes. Send flowers online and wait to see the reaction. You will enjoy it. A single rose is enough to express your feelings, but you can make an arrangement as well. It will give it a complete look. If you are into a long term relationship, then this will astound your lady. Just combine a bouquet with her favourite chocolates; she will be delighted to receive it and feel a sense of personal touch.

Historical Facts About Flowers

Every culture has different traditions. Our world history has defined all of those. Let us find out some interesting facts regarding the same.

Greek and Roman folk tales:

Western culture has a significant impact on our lives. Many traditions have been adopted from there. One of them is Valentine Day Flower Delivery. People use red roses for expressing their love. As per Roman mythology, red is the colour of love, charm and passion. Thus, if you feel romantic, go and present this to your girl.

Eastern credence:

In Hindu culture, red colour is considered very auspicious. We offer them while we pray, use them at our weddings. It symbolises our respect, love and affection. If you feel spiritual, offer during prayers and fulfil all your wishes. As a sign of admiration, present them to your elders, and you will feel blessed.

Victorian Optimism:

The best way to express your emotions is by using blooms. It comes in varied colours and can present as per your mood. If you feel romantic, go for a red bunch. It will reveal your romance to your lady and will give a boost to your relationship. In different cultures, people have other thoughts, and they depict differently.

Modern symbol: 

In the modern life of today, red flowers are a blessing. It is the prettiest way to express love, care and affection. Carry a bouquet of these, and your lady will be delighted. The smile on her face will make you feel so special. You can order online a bunch for your mom on her birthday or add a Flower subscription in Singapore to send flowers to your mom on a weekly or monthly basis (If you live in Singapore), and she will be overwhelmed.

Unique colours of roses 

Rose flowers make you feel charming and pleasant. Place a bunch in the corner of your room, and it will bliss. If you are confused while choosing from a wide range of colours, we will make it quite simple for you. Just go for the best!

Yellow is a fun

Yellow roses are as bright as the sun. It fills you with joy and makes you feel jolly throughout the day. If you want your father to give you your favourite bike, present a bunch of them, and your work is done. Your best friend is waiting to meet you since long, and you are not able to make up due to your office, give him a bouquet of these and this will melt him. 

Elegance is a luxury.

To express your gratitude or to say thanks, give a bunch of dark pink roses. It will make the recipient more than happy and will feel worth it. Present it to your juniors on achieving a long-awaited contract or to your daughter on scoring highest marks in exams. It is just perfect.

Innocence is a feeling.

White roses imply purity. In Christian culture, people use it at weddings. It also denotes a new phase or beginning of your life. As a mark of honour, present it to your favourite teacher, and she will be delighted. Gift a bunch to your boss and make him feel that he is always the best boss.
Be expressive with your emotions and order rose bouquet online. Seasons come and go, but these flowers and their essence are always the same. It teaches us to live with joy, love, romance, respect and enthusiasm. Stay happy always!

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