Transition From Traditional MBA To Online MBA

Transition From Traditional MBA To Online MBA

The surge of Covid-19 has impacted the education system drastically and everyone is looking for alternatives to pursue their education. There must be no compromise with education and career. If we look around then the alternative is not so far away from us. Online education is not a new concept but it has been accepted widely in the current times only. 

There are students who are wondering whether to pursue their Master’s in Business Administration but stuck because of the pandemic and other reasons. Since online education has become a valid form of education recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) many universities are offering online MBA programs to everyone who is unable to attend traditional classroom lectures. Online MBA is an advanced form of learning which is specially designed for students to pursue MBA remotely. This is an internationally recognized degree and famous because of its less cost as compared to on-campus learning. 

How can an Online MBA help you in your career?

Online MBA is a specially designed master’s course on the management domain for those who don’t want to leave their jobs but are willing to get an MBA degree for better pay in salary or to shift their job position. Online MBA is an alternative to traditional MBA and it comes with plenty of benefits that can help you in growing your career at a good pace and leaves you with enough time to continue your job or business: As online MBA is a valid degree program just like a regular MBA degree, it offers a myriad of advantages that can help you in your holistic development and will fit into your schedule. Some of the major benefits of an online MBA to your career are:- 

  • Earning while learning: The major leverage that online or distance students get is that they can continue their jobs along with their studies. A Master’s in Business Administration degree helps students in getting in-depth knowledge about the management domain and this knowledge can come to use in the real corporate environment. Students get enough time to attend both their lectures and office which means they get the experience of the job along with their studies. This helps you in the practical application of theoretical knowledge. 
  • Study on virtual platforms: Every online course is famous because of the use of technology in the learning process. Students pursuing an online  MBA from accredited and recognized business schools like NMIMS or Symbiosis get the benefit of learning via different technological platforms. The classes of online MBA are held via meeting platforms online like Google meet, Zoom, and others, and students can easily share tier documents or assignments via google docs and there are discussion forums or modules for submission of assignments and to do discussions with other fellow members. 
  • Diverse Experience: Online courses have hardly any age limitation at the time of admission and hence students of any age group can take admission in the program which gives students the advantage of getting a diverse perspective in class. Online programs are specially designed for working professionals who are unable to pursue their higher studies because of their full-time job. Hence, students get to interact with people from different backgrounds and different experiences which expands their contours of thinking and changes their perspective. 
  • Fits in your schedule: All the online programs including online MBA are flexible enough to fit into your schedule. Here you are not bound to attend lectures at a fixed schedule as you can attend them on your smartphone and laptop from anywhere or can watch recorded lectures as well. Hence, students can study whenever they are free and learn at any place. Furthermore, they can study from their study material available virtually either on the mobile application of the university or from the university portal. 
  • Affordable: This is a universally accepted fact that online or distance learning courses charge extremely less than regular or traditional on-campus programs. Students can save plenty just by enrolling themselves in online MBA programs. Online MBA programs have been specially designed to offer affordable education so that people from different stratum of society can pursue their higher studies. MBA or any management program costs you a hefty amount and because of this reason, plenty of students are unable to pursue MBA after their graduation. But, they can get an MBA degree from any reputed university at affordable fees with the help of online learning. 

Choice of Specializations in the Online MBA Program

Online MBA offers you plenty of options to pursue management and students can choose any subject that can help them in deciding their niche. Online MBA offers a comprehensive understanding of management subjects from different domains and helps them in gaining experience of management skills used in a particular field, for instance, Finance, Human resource, or Marketing. Available online MBA specializations in India are:

  • MBA in Finance: This 2-year program helps students in developing skills in the financial management domain. The program offers subjects like Financial Management, Management Accounting, Financial accounting, and more. 
  • MBA in Human Resource: This Management program helps students in gaining extensive knowledge of management of the company and this program includes subjects like Employee Relations Manager, Human Resource Management, Managerial Economics, Methodology of Training and Planning, Corporate Communication, etc. Students who have impeccable communication skills can perform tremendously in this program.
  • MBA in Marketing: This is a postgraduate program that helps students in developing marketing tactics and this is an apt program for marketing and sales enthusiasts. This 2-year program includes subjects that include different marketing concepts like, Brand Management Tricks, Marketing Tactics, Leadership Skills, Consumer Behaviour, and others. 
  • MBA in Healthcare Management: This management program focuses on the health management system and students get to learn about the concepts like Health Economics and Health Management. This 2-year program opens up job opportunities like Healthcare Manager, Hospital Administrator, Hospital CFO, Pharmaceutical Production Manager, and more. 
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management: Online MBA in supply chain management helps in gaining deep insights into the backend operations and logistics of the business. The program opens up opportunities like Operations Analyst, Logisticians, Supply Chain Manager, Head of Operations, Warehouse Manager, Supply Chain Consultant, etc. 
  • MBA Entrepreneurship: MBA programs are generally helpful for those who are either in the management team of the company or have a business of their own. MBA in Entrepreneurship is like an icing on the cake for our new entrepreneurs who are looking forward to developing their entrepreneurial skills. Here, students will get job profiles like Assistant Manager, Business Consultant, Finance Controller, Human Resource Management, etc. 

Online Management Programs

There are different management programs that are available online and they differ in terms of duration and subjects. 

  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Executive Master’s in Business Administration (EMBA)

Let’s Summarize

This blog has been written with the intention to explain a smart way to pursue a postgraduate degree in management. You can find plenty of colleges that are offering online MBA programs in different disciplines and they are even recognized by the University Grants Commission. 

Students are advised to enroll themselves in the right MBA program online in a college which has gained approval from UGC. Online MBA can help you in dealing with your studies along with your job and the pandemic.