QuickBooks Vacation Accrual Error

Try this if you can’t get rid of QuickBooks Vacation Accrual Error

QuickBooks has a notable feature of recording the sick and vacation time of its employees. Yet, it is prone to face technical glitches like the QuickBooks Vacation Accrual Error when the user tries to set up the Sick/Vacation for an employee. One standard trigger to this situation is when the user enters an incorrect under the Sick/Vacation category; the paychecks do not accrue in the required manner. This blog aims to educate you on the various reason and troubleshooting steps for the QuickBooks Vacation Accrual Error.

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Primary Causes behind QuickBooks Vacation Accrual Error

Before we jump onto the solutions for the Accrual Error, let us become aware of the reasons resulting in the same-

  1. The employee has crossed the maximum hour limit.
  2. The Sick/Vacation is set up incorrectly for the employee.
  3. Incorrect items recorded in the payroll.
  4. The Do Not Accrue Sick/Vacation box has been marked.

Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Vacation Accrual Error

To resolve this issue swiftly, you should follow the steps in the given sequence. Also, ensure that your QuickBooks is updated beforehand-

Step 1: Set up the Payroll Item

  1. Access QuickBooks application.
  2. Press the Lists tab.
  3. Select Payroll Item List.
  4. Double-tap on the item used to Pay Sick/Vacation.
  5. Navigate to the Edit Payroll Item option.
  6. Review the type of payroll item used.
  7. Choose the correct item, if not already.

Step 2: Verify the Employee’s Profile

  1. Tap on the Employees tab.
  2. Choose Employee Center.
  3. Navigate to the Edit Employee screen.
  4. Double-tap on the name of the employee.
  5. Click on the Payroll Info button.
  6. Choose Sick/Vacation.
  7. Check and alter the following items if required-
    a. Available Sick and Vacation hours.
    b. The hours used in the year.
    c. Accrual period.
    d. Hours accrued.
    e. The maximum number of hours.
    f. The reset hours each year.
    g. The accrual start date.

Step 3: Unmark the Do Not Accrue Sick/Vacation box

  1. Press the Employees button.
  2. Click on the Payroll Center.
  3. Select the Pay Employees option.
  4. Mark the employee’s name.
  5. Now select the Find Existing Paychecks tab.
  6. You must choose the right paycheck.
  7. Tap on Edit.
  8. Press Paycheck Detail.
  9. The screen will display a Review Check window.
  10. Unmark the Do Not Accrue Sick/Vacation box.
  11. Press Save and Close.
  12. Update QuickBooks and Payroll Tax Table.

We realise it is not easy to understand and configure different types of errors that you might go through. But, we hope that our blog helped you to overcome the QuickBooks Vacation Accrual Error. If you have tried all the ways and the issue persists, it is best to contact an expert at 855-856-0042 for immediate assistance.