Unarmed security guards

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Unarmed Security Guards?

One of the major threats that people will face in their life. You never know about the things that are going on in your surroundings. That’s why safety measures should always be taken to keep your life in a safe place. Security guards from professional companies will provide the best security services to you in your surroundings. The unarmed security guards will give you peace of mind along with the safety that you are under protection.  Visit Alpha Security Services

You will find various security firms working in Canada to provide its residents with the best security services and guards. Moreover, a security firm will also provide its guards with the best training procedures so that their skills will stand out. 

Who Are Unarmed Security Guards?

These security guards keep the surroundings of the person safe and secure. It doesn’t matter whether you hire an unarmed guard for your residence or home. He will always make sure that a person would not feel any threat in his presence at the place. Your organizations will provide a visual deterrent to burglars, criminals, and other people involved in these thefts. They patrol the property, manage access, and investigate problems. They also keep an eye on security systems and CCTV.

Importance Of Hiring Security Guards

We often take the necessity and job of security guards casually in our daily lives. Furthermore, people nearly completely ignore their existence, probably giving them a glimpse. When you have a look at the picture of your daily routine, then you will come to know how important it is to hire a security guard for your safety. These security guards are trained in a way by security companies that will depict any change in surroundings that will be dangerous. 

Security personnel are typically provided by private security organizations, which tailor services and facilities to the client’s requirements. Security guards frequently operate in shifts, providing coverage at all hours of the day and night. More to their duty than patrolling or making rounds is always there. They are require to be hyper-aware and watchful, on the lookout for anything or anyone odd that could cause problems.

Duties And Responsibilities Of An Unarmed Security Guards

It is a natural thing that a person will feel safe when he is surround by security services. The security guards are mostly found to provide services in public areas where there is a high risk of threats. The shopping malls, banks, educational institutions, parks, and several other areas have security guards. It is without any doubt that the presence of these trustworthy people will give you a feeling of safety. The basic duties and responsibilities of the security guards are as follows:

Prevention from Different Crimes

It is the foremost duty of every security officer that he should prevent different crimes to happen at the place. The basic role of security guards at the place is to prevent any crime, without responding to it. That’s why people feel secure in the presence of an unarmed guard because they know that they do not have any weapon. 


Mostly, when an unarmed guard is hire by a firm or any other institution, then they will majorly perform the duties of the gatekeeper. They manage who gets into a particular facility or establishment. Some organizations keep track of visitors’ identification by requiring them to submit documents or identification cards, as well as taking notes to identify any vehicle at the place of their duty. 

Maintaining Order in the Large Gatherings

During huge events, unarmed security personnel are also in charge of preserving order. They do everything they can to keep the people in attendance safe and avoid a stampede. They protect not just persons but also their belongings.

Security services when performing their duties and responsibilities at the place, then they will make sure that no one feels unsafe. To hire unarmed security guards for your home or business, you should consult Alpha Security Services.