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Understanding the Timeline for Trademark Registration in Bangalore

No company owner wants to see someone misusing their brand name or logo. The only way to protect yourself against this is by registering your brand name and logo as a trademark. A trademark could be a name, a signature, a graphic, an illustration, a tagline, packaging labels or a combination of these elements. Once registered a trademark is valid for ten days. So, let’s take a closer look at the process and timeline for trademark registration in Bangalore.

Step 1: Trademark Search
Time Taken: Less than 1 day
Before you can register your brand name or logo as a trademark, you must be sure that nobody else has a similar trademark already registered. This is the first and one of the most important services offered by a trademark attorney. You need to conduct a direct search i.e. search for trademarks that are identical to yours as well as indirect searches or the search for a trademark that sounds like your brand name but uses a different spelling. Many agencies offer to do a preliminary free search to check whether a brane name or logo is available for registration.

Step 2: Complete the Trademark Application
Time Taken: 2-3 Days

Once you are assured that the element you want trademarked is unique, you can begin drafting your application for trademark registration in Bangalore. If you find a registered trademark that’s similar to your name/logo, you will have to edit it. Once you file the trademark application form, you can start using the TM symbol. When it comes to the trademark application, you must be aware that there are two types of costs to be incurred – the professional fees and the official fees

Step 3: Trademark Registration
Time Taken: Up to 24 Months

Once submitted, your application will go through several stages before a trademark is awarded. The first stage is a check to see that your brand name/logo is unique. If a similar registered trademark is found, an objection will be raised. This can cause unnecessary delays and hence make sure you conduct a thorough search before submitting your application. Also, an additional fee is payable for every reply. If no objections are raised, a notice will be printed in the Trade Marks Journal. Other registered trademark holders have 4 months to raise an objection to this notice. If no objections are raised, the trademark will be registered in 6 months.

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Is Trademark Registration Right for You?
Every company big or small must have their brand name and logo registered as a trademark. You can file an application for trademark registration in Bangalore as an individual or a company – the structure does not affect your eligibility to register a trademark. A trademark protects your company’s reputation, ensures that it’s name cannot be misused and thus protects your hard work. In the long run, this will become one of your most valuable assets. It also reduces the chances that your brand name or logo resembles an existing trademark and thus protects you from potential law suits. So, are you ready to get your trademark registered…

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