Unique Cakes for Birthday Celebration in 2021

When we are growing up, we always had a big birthday party where the birthday cake is a big deal, right. When we get older, we like to continue these birthday traditions to make our special days more special. 

These cakes are way too simple, and that delicious frosting on the cake adds a more tasty and lavish feel. These days bakeries are adding many fun twists and mixing unique things for our unique celebration. 

Everyone’s birthday around you is special either it can be your kid’s birthday or your loved ones or yourself; it is such a great occasion that genuinely needs a cake to celebrate, which is the cost-effective one. Faridabadcake is a leading online cake delivery in Faridabad service that offers tasty cake that allows you to celebrate your birthday in innovative ways. Try unique and trendy designed cakes that is always best to pick for your celebrations.

Here are a few unique and exciting cakes that could add much more charm to your birthday celebrations.

 1. Blueberry Cake

Blueberries are always a fresh and favorite flavor, which can be a great addition to your birthday. That sweet frosting of buttercream and those fun designs make it a more friendly cake for every age. Vanilla buttercream, made of sugars, milk, vanilla extract, butter, gives a whole level of sweetness to your cake. It is even layered around the cake as per your preferences. 

2. Caramel Whipped Cream Chocolate Cake

This cake is super moist and fluffy and, overall, the most delicate cake to have on your loved one’s birthday. The most decadent confection is smoothly layered with a lovely caramel whipped cream decorated with dark chocolate and chocolate ganache curls to give the sweetest celebration mood.

And that creamy whipped cream made with water, sugar, gelatin, whipped cream gives it a bumpy vibe on top of the cake, and finally, we should talk about ganache, which is beautifully dripped and layered on the cake to add more chocolate to it.

3. Pinata Cake

This is such an unassuming birthday party cake with the modest sprinkle topping and buttercream finish to make it a whole party vibe. Once you cut this cake, you can see entire pastel-colored rainbow cake layers. This pinata cake is mostly filled with chocolate and sprinkles. However, nothing can’t beat that buttercream icing that covers the rainbow-colored cake. As we said before, it is filled with candies and chocolate, which makes this case a better option for kids’ birthdays.

4. Chocolate Truffle Cake

Adding a cup of dark chocolate chopping and fresh whipped cream make this rich, dark, and creamy chocolate cake. Super buttercream frosting made with chocolate, chocolate buttercream finishing makes the best celebratory dessert, which purely satisfies all of your guests and your unique sweet tooth too.

5. Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake is a very delicious cake which can be stand out and such a fun cake to have on your birthday more special. You can add an on top of the cake to make this ice cream cake to ice cream sundae. You can also add crushed candy bars on top of the cake or within the layers to make it more memorable and fun. White cream frosting adds more sweetness to the cake.

6. Fighter Jet Cake

Cartoon cakes are always stolen kids’ hearts. Cakes are still a treat for kids, so these fighter jet cakes make their birthday more special on their birthday. This is the best designer cake idea for your kid. Kids are always fascinated by vehicles and planes, making this cake the best idea to make kids feel excited and exceptional. You could never go wrong with this idea.

7. Peppa Pig Cakes

Peppa pig cafes are always the best character that kids like. So, make your kid’s birthday more unique by ordering Peppa pig cages in unique flavors. Pick from a wide range of printouts to make these cakes much more pleasing. 

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