Useful Information To Pass Your Yearly MOT With Flying

MOT is a mandatory test in the UK. This test is conducted every year to test the roadworthiness of vehicles that are three years old. Sometimes, passing the MOT is a worrisome matter for car drivers since they want to get the certificate at any cost and they do not know whether they are going to get the certificate or not.

You do not need to worry about the MOT test since if you keep your car well-serviced and properly maintained, your chances to pass MOT Wolverhampton increase certainly.

To enhance your knowledge on the MOT test, read this blog and make yourself prepared to submit your vehicle with full confidence.

How to get the MOT test for the first time?

If you never submitted your car for the MOT test, you need to find out your nearest MOT centre. There are a lot of garages across the country that are working as MOT centres. You can use the internet to register yourself to get the test.

How many hours does an average MOT takes?

Usually, you need to wait for 45 to 60 minutes for the MOT test. Your time to stay in the centre will be longer if your car fails its MOT test.

If your car has dangerous faults, your centre will not allow you to take your car away by driving the car. Towing the car for repairs in another garage is possible.

You have to submit your vehicle in the morning and need to wait for every step to be completed.

In brief, prepare yourself to spend a day without your car.

A helpful checklist

If you read this checklist and maintain your car according to the list, we are sure your chances of success in the test are higher.

It is better if you check the following areas before the MOT test:


Make sure your tread depth is above 1.6mm since it is the legal tread depth limit. The tester is going to check the tread depth certainly. Check the tyre pressure as well while you visit the test centre.

Seat and seatbelts:

Check the driver’s seat and examine the seatbelt as well for proper function. Check other seats and seatbelts as well.

Windscreen and windscreen wipers:

If your windscreen has damage wider than 10mm in the driver’s view, the tester will not allow you to get the certificate. Make sure wipers clean the windscreen efficiently.

Headlights and indicators:

Front, rear, headlights, indicators and hazard lights should be checked for proper functions. 


Examine the shock absorbers by applying your weight to each corner of the vehicle.


If your horn is not working properly, you have to repair it immediately to avoid negative effects on your success.

Exhaust system:

Check the exhaust system for abnormal noise, presence of smell or smoke etc.

What if your car fails its MOT?

After your car is unable to prove that it is roadworthy, you will get a VT30 certificate. This document will contain all the necessary information about the reasons for the fail.

Mostly, the faults are divided into three categories called minor, major and dangerous. You will get the fail certificate for major and dangerous faults and you may get an advisory for minor faults. 

MOT retest

While your car fails its test, you have to repair all the major and dangerous faults. If you do it, a partial retest is possible in the same garage.

If you decide to repair the car with the same centre and you do it within 10 working days, the retest will be free. If you repair your car in another garage and return it before the end of the next working day, the test is normally free or depends on the part that is tested.

If you return within 10 working days to the original centre for an MOT Wolverhampton retest, it will be done at a reduced cost.

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