Using Product Image in eCommerce Site

Using Product Images on eCommerce Site

While the era of eCommerce is on the rise, there are tons of questions regarding the importance of using product images on an eCommerce site.

  • What is the best size for eCommerce product images?
  • What is it about zoom functionality, that eCommerce is obsessed about?
  • The best background, angle, shadow, margins, etc
  • The best eCommerce product image editing service

We are going to discuss it all. And not just for you to learn about them, but to practically apply them to grow your eCommerce.

But Why are eCommerce Product Images so important?

Not much, but about 67% of the online audience says the quality of product images that eCommerce uses is a major deciding factor in making a purchase online.

Now, if you want the majority of your audience to buy from your eCommerce, your product photos would be the most crucial part of your online store.

And in this article, we are going to tell you exactly what you can do to grow your eCommerce with the best product photos on the eCommerce site.

Using Product Images on eCommerce Site

The Best size for eCommerce Product Images

The best size for your eCommerce product images would be between 1500Px to 2000Px. In addition, make sure that your images are web-optimized to ensure they look clean and clear on your site.

The last thing your customer wants is blurry images where details are missing. We highly recommend you to learn about clipping path photo editing which is focused on editing your images precisely, without losing any of your details.

Zoom Functionality for eCommerce

An eCommerce zoom functionality allows the customer to hover over the images to see the image in the zoom effect. The aim here is to observe the quality of the product by looking at the quality of the image.

While some time ago, you might need a developer to write the codes for the following, today you can easily accomplish this task with the help of plugins that are super easy to use and easily available on most of the website builders.

Our top picks are:

Shopify & Bigcommerce – Magic Zoom

WooCommerce – Product Image Zoom for WooCommerce

Best background for eCommerce product images

White Background Product Photography

Background of eCommerce product images plays a major role in making your eCommerce feel professional and trustworthy. Moreover, the good thing is you could choose any background for eCommerce product images as per your wish. But here are a few things you must remember.

  • Choose a background that can be consistent in the long run. You need to make sure that all your images follow a common background so that comparing your products becomes easy for your customer.
  • Avoid monochromatic backgrounds that are similar to the color of the product. You need to make sure that the product stands out on its own, with clear edges.
  • Ensure that the background that you choose in product photography is clean and has no dust or dirt on it.

To bring the most to your eCommerce product images, you can always opt for services like background clean-up, background removal, or changing background entirely.

While most eCommerce companies prefer white background due to the clean and consistent look, you can choose your custom background color that has similar advantages, and also can make your eCommerce stand out from others.

Choosing the Best Shadow for your Product Photos

Importance of Shadow in Product Photo

Shadows play a crucial role in making product photos look more real and believable. And believe it or not, adding shadows to your product improves the engagement of your site, hence helping you grow your eCommerce.

But which is the best shadow for your eCommerce product images?

There are mainly 3 types of shadow for your product photos:

Natural Shadow effect

Natural shadow is an effect where the background is removed and shadows are artificially created to make the product look like it is placed on a surface, It looks much more real and fairly popular among many eCommerce stores.

Drop Shadow effect

Another popular shadow effect is the drop shadow effect. Here the shadows are formed in a way that the product has been elevated and if floating in the air with shadow forming behind it.

Reflection Shadow Effect

Not many eCommerce are using it right now but it is gaining popularity among many new audiences. In the following shadow effect for eCommerce product images, the product is made to look like resting over a reflective surface. Giving the overall impression premium. It is widely used in jewelry photo editing.

Angles to use in Product Photography

Best Angle for Product Photography

The more angles you choose to showcase the better it is. Your customer wishes to know the product in and out before clicking the buy now button on your eCommerce. 

Product photography from different angles helps them see the product from all sides.

Showcase every single side of your product, even the most unusual ones. Some of the best angles that you must have been the front, back, sides, top, button, and product in action or its natural workplace.


You won’t be posting a black and white image of your product for your customer to choose from. Hence making the color right will be among the most important factors of product photos on the eCommerce site.

Two very important notes that you must take care of with the colors of your product are:

  • First, there should be no manipulation of the color when compared to the product in real life.
  • Second, ensure that the colors are the same across all the devices that the image is being viewed in.

Accurate coloring will turn down the chance of returning products by a major proportion, which means better customer experience hence helping you grow your eCommerce.

File Type

Here is a short, yet very important note for you. You would need to ensure that while product photography, the image is captured in RAW format, and at the time of uploading they are in .jpg or .jpeg format.

RAW format files tend to save all the important information about the image, which makes the editing more precise and clean. But due to so much information, it can’t upload directly on the site because of its size.

Hence, when you export your image from editing, choose .jpg or .jpeg format as they maintain the quality of the image and the size of them is also low.

Props used in Product Photography

Let us be clear and loud that the props are used to enhance the way your product is presented. It is not used to grab attention or showcase itself as a use. If you are using a prop in your product photography ensure that they don’t catch the eye of the viewer.

Best eCommerce Product Image Editing Service

While we have already shared the importance and way of using product images on an eCommerce site. Here is a short description of the best eCommerce product image editing service – PixelPhant.

With highly trained experts and professionals on-board, PixelPhant is among the best product image editing services for your eCommerce. Get your images edited within a turnaround time of 24 hours or less, by real professionals. Be it a service of adding shadows, or drawing selection with a clipping path, make your product photos the attraction of your eCommerce.

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