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How to organize a successful virtual career fair?

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has forced us to go virtual in so many walks of life. Be it education, business meetings, or attending events, everything is happening on Zoom. What if we tell you about hosting a virtual career fair? It may sound impossible to you, but it is doable. You can access diverse job seekers’ pools through online media. You can source the geographical range of talents since a virtual medium does not implement any limits. This article will briefly explain how to go about virtual career fair hosting. Are you interested to know more? Keep scrolling!

Steps to organizing a virtual job fair:

The process sounds amazing, and it is, but organizing it will take some skills. Setting up a platform and conducting interviews without any technical faults is quite hectic. However, when done systematically, it can produce extravagant results. The best practice is to connect with expert event companies in Dubai. The following steps will help you host a successful virtual job fair.

1. Choose a platform:

You can’t invite the candidates to your office due to the pandemic, and you need to hire persons. How would you conduct interviews? The best way is to host a virtual event, but how will it happen? Well, the first thing you need is a virtual platform. It is a video integration software/tool that will connect you to the entire audience pool.

These platforms are necessary for a fully uninterrupted virtual experience. Having the best tool will keep your audience engaged and capture actionable insights. The best tool will enable you to calculate audience interaction and the impact and ROI of your career fair.

2. Design a strategy and plan:

Just like any other in-person or online event, virtual job fairs don’t occur without any forethought. It’s imperative to consider all your requirements, timescales, size of the crowd, and costs to the choice of the best programming, with the essential instruments. The best strategy means half the job done.

There could be countless factors you need to consider before you design a strategy. However, the most popular ones are discussed in the coming lines:

  • The type and objectives of your career air
  • The expected number of job seekers
  • The expected number of organizations/companies
  • The expense of your virtual career fair stage
  • The presence/non-presence of sponsorships
  • The shareable content you will make accessible
  • A course of events for your particular meetings, for example, online classes or workshops, or webinars.

These points will allow you to plan accordingly and make the following activities happen in the desired way.

3. Make the registration process easy:

A digital registration system will take some effort, but it will pay you off in numerous ways. From improved impressions to a higher number of attendees, the list of advantages will go on. All you need to do is make the registration process easy and flexible for candidates.

An online portal will assist attendees in uploading their data, resumes, and other documents. Moreover, the recruiters can upload their company information easily, which the job seekers can access seamlessly.

4. Promote your event aggressively:

Once everything is set and planned, now is the time to market your event. How come the general public will know about your virtual job fair? It would be best if you were well-ware of what the people like to see. You can plan and advertise accordingly to attract as many candidates as you want.

The best promotion and advertisement channels these days are social media platforms. Go live on Facebook, make a trend on Twitter, and post on Instagram about your coming show. Since the general public is so involved on social media, you can catch their eyes in a shorter period.

5. Things to do to make your event stand out:

Various alluring factors can help you throw a memorable virtual job fair. Some of these factors are mentioned here.

  • Virtual Exhibit Halls: A very organized rundown of exhibitors will empower your students to look by organization name, apply appropriate channels, or even download a synopsis with all organization details.
  • Live Chat: Another tip to make a sprinkle among your applicants is to allow them to communicate via live chat. They can more readily choose for which job opening they expect to apply for.
  • Instinctive Application Process: It’s imperative to permit candidates to promptly get to job details and apply for them with a straightforward snap.

All these factors are not easy to manage and run. You will always need a constant looking eye to well-managed these tasks. Who but the expert event companies in Dubai can help your cause?

Throw a memorable event with professional event organizers!

Events are not easy to host and manage since countless activities need to look after. A first-timer can easily be overwhelmed by these activities. Try not to fall prey to these tasks and join hands with professional event organizers to make your event memorable!

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