Hand Sanitizer to Clean your Hands Properly

Ways to Use Hand Sanitizer to Clean your Hands Properly

Do you know that hand sanitizer can be used in many places besides wiping out germs by hand. Let us know how to use it.

One of the most important things in the  coronavirus era is the use of hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer helps remove the germs of the hands completely, which is a method of protection against the corona virus. The hand sanitizer was an essential material even before the arrival of the corona virus, but now it has become a necessity and its use is an important part of the lifestyle. When water is not available at any place, the most effective way to wipe out germs is to use sanitizer.

But do you know that COVID-19 and frequent use of hand sanitizer is used in many places besides getting rid of germs. Let us find out what other household chores can be used.

Sanitize Makeup Brushes

Girls often use makeup brushes and keep them without cleaning them. Due to which, those brushes start to have germs which have a negative effect on the skin and the use of dirty makeup brushes can lead to skin allergies. Washing these brushes with repeated soap or water can quickly deteriorate. Therefore, after using them, clean them with sanitizer, which will make them germ free.

Clear Mobile Phone Screen

Germs are most likely to be hidden in the keyboard of your mobile phone and laptop. So in the corona era, if you come from outside, then it is necessary to sanitize the mobile with hands. You can clean the mobile screen using sanitizer. For this, take a little hand sanitizer in a cotton and clean it well by applying it on the mobile screen and the back side of the mobile. This will brighten the screen and also disinfect the mobile.

Removing Lipstick Marks from Clothes

Girls often use dark lipstick and at times lipstick marks are also found in clothes. To remove lipstick marks from the cloth, apply a little hand sanitizer in the cloth and scrub it clean. Very soon the lipstick mark will lighten and remove.

Pottery Sticker Removal

Removing stickers from new utensils is often a difficult task. You can use a hand sanitizer to remove the sticker from any new utensil. Apply a little sanitizer to the sticker area and remove the sticker by rubbing it. Sanitizers can be used to remove stickers not only from utensils but also from new furniture, bottles and doors.

Clean the Glass

Window and door panes can be cleaned using sanitizers. For this, you spray a little sanitizer in the vials and clean it by rubbing the glass with the help of a cloth.

Unmark Permanent Marker

Removing permanent marker marks from the whiteboard or from any surface is a difficult task. By using a sanitizer, you can quickly clear the marker marks. To get rid of this problem, dip the hand sanitizer in a cloth and clear the marker marks.

Like Glasses Cleaner

Glass lenses can be cleaned with the use of a hand sanitizer. It acts like a good lens cleaner. To clean the glasses, apply a little sanitizer to the glasses and clean it with a tissue or soft cloth.

With all these hacks, you can use sanitizer in many places besides cleaning your hands.