Checkout Page Design: What *Not* To Do In 2021

Are you familiar with the car engineer scenario? They look at the improvement of a design from the past orders to determine what to put into their next model.

Compared to that, web designers should also take a close look at their digital failures to determine what works and what doesn’t. In the entire website, checkout page design is the most crucial part. They bring customers to make a sale or might push them away from one. 

The cards are already stacked against you, and 60-80% of customers will leave their shopping cart at the checkout. So website design agency help you with very important tasks to get your checking page right. 

Making sure of that, let’s explore some iron-clad no-nos when it comes to your page design.


Never recommends any purchase 

A website without recommendations is one that has uninspired sales. If your visitors make it upto the checkout page, they are certainly willing to pull out their wallets for the purchase. So, it’s time to recommend similar products they might get interested in. 

You can show it based on their personal buying history or based on existing sales records. Often, it seems helpful when a website makes suggestions. 

Note: You should not use a pop-up to display, but rather a side-by-side feature as they go to checkout.

Provided no path for checkout 

It is necessary to use bright links and graphics to show visitors where the checkout is. Otherwise, it results in visiting another company’s page and leaving you with a transaction of $0. Here to build your company’s sales, health conversion plays a major role; that is why you need to eliminate drop-off at every step of a sales pitch. 

Most successful conversion leads to providing multiple ways to get checkout and purchase an item. Having no path or a less attractive path risks a severe drop in customer interest and interaction. website design companies makes sure to provide an allusive checkout path to customers. 

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No security features

No security or icon badge makes customers feel nervous. And so that hackers have found their way into the security information of more than 500 companies, and more than 100 million people have identities stolen every year. You should make sure to make it clear when it comes to settling accounts, as there are no security concerns regarding payment information. And that is why it is important to make website design responsive.

Note: The security page has nothing to do with the design of the checkout. Since all the customers can see, having a surety about their credit information will provide you relief. 

It’s not good that no one knows…

Read on reviews before you make any Saturday night purchase…

There are no ways for customers to know if the purchase is a smart one or not. Unless they view a rating system on your page. If they see five out of four stars beside a product and a paragraph enthusiastically represents, customers may get influenced. 

Tip: It is good to provide product ratings and testimonials on every particular product.

Don’t make it much complicated to purchase 

It is the tedious task of having the same billing and shipping address. And the major customer who comes to your checkout page will use the same address for their shipping and billing. 

There is one way to streamline your purchase process by removing separate entries for shipping and billing. (it’s okay if you need it for the company’s records). A web design agency will develop a simple and effective checkout page design for your website. 

Note: Reducing the number of forms will result in customers not getting overwhelmed. Lessening the time customers spend paying for your products will result in more sales. 

Disappointing if no changes are allowed! 

Let us understand it in a very simple way. 

You went to a restaurant where you suddenly changed your mind about ordering soup instead of salad. Would you visit the restaurant where you need to change your entire order simply because of that? 

Similarly, no customer wants to get started from the beginning just because they want to add a new item or use a coupon. So make it very easy to modify your mistakes, remove items or back out from the shopping cart. 

Pro tip: When customers hit the “back” button, they should let them go back with the information still filled out, so they don’t get frustrated. 

Final wordings:

Bad ways == Right ways 

There are as many “Not-to-do” lists to build a checkout page as there are “To-do” lists. Web design companies make sure to keep poor design elements away from your checkout template. And it ensures that customers would have a positive reaction to your page that makes them keep coming back for new products.

Let the process flow quickly and smoothly without putting up roadblocks. It makes it always easy for the customer to input their card number to get all the required sales.