Softphones for business

What are Softphones for business? Features & Benefits

Softphones for business are a new cloud communication technology that has gradually transformed client communication in several ways. The Softphone is computer software that enables businesses to communicate with their customers without needing any traditional phone system-landline or mobile phones. Companies can use the software on any mobile device equipped with a speaker, microphone, and internet connectivity. A business can offer client communication in high-quality HD audio and improve its agent productivity.

Softphone with WebRTC

 WebRTC refers to Web Real-Time Communications. It is an open-source standard that businesses can integrate into web-based applications accompanied with the same contact center features they were using for the inbound/ outbound calls. This technology is apt for the remote workforce as it is compatible with laptops/ PCs and mobile devices. No elaborate infrastructure is required to enable remote employees to work efficiently.

Softphone with MPLS

The MPLS refers to Multi-Protocol Label Switching, enabling companies to switch from on-premise to cloud for inbound / outbound calls using the internet. They can use the same contact features and empower their employees to work with greater efficiency. 

Let’s discuss the features to get an in-depth insight into Softphones for business

Call Control: The software enables to queue the calls with mute, hold warm transfer. It can also queue call back and integrate the voice mail features during the customer’s wait time. It has complete control over the call and ensures a better customer experience.

PSTN & Normal Call Lines:  With the technology, calls can be conducted using internet connectivity or the PSTN.

Real-time Dashboard; A business using the Softphone with WebRTC can view the calls in real-time. It can take the appropriate action to whisper, barge, or take over the call depending on the requirement and provide customers with a better and enhanced experience.

Call Recording: The Softphone with MPLS allows to record all the calls. A business can use the recording to gauge the agents’ performances and provide them the required training to improve their performance.

Call center Metrics: The softphones enable organisations to use custom filters and measure customer satisfaction levels. With detailed information on the customer experience, a company can ensure high satisfaction by resorting to the appropriate activities that enhance customer experience. Moreover, the custom filters also allow measuring the agents’ efficiency levels. Since the agents are the primary point of contact for the customers, they need to be well-trained to offer the best service to the customers and provide a better CX.

Call Termination on SR/ UI: It is easy to manage client communication using the Softphones. Companies can terminate all the inbound/ outbound calls on the SR/ UI panel from a Laptop Desktop and effectively manage the communication process.


Better CX: A business can ensure better voice quality with HD voice technology with Softphone with MPLS and offer its customers an enhanced experience.

Scalable: The Softphone for business is a scalable solution and easily accommodates a business’ growing needs.

Cost-efficient: The Softphone with WebRTC is available at budget-friendly prices. With flexible payment plans and no heavy investment in infrastructure, the solution proves to be cost-efficient.

Secure Communication:   The technology offers secure communication via a secured VPN access and ensures no data breach.

No Dependency on Infrastructure: The Softphones allow to make calls via the Internet on Laptop/ Desktop and mobile devices. No traditional phone system is required to make the calls.

Better Employee Efficiency: The agents can manage the calls efficiently with the Softphones for business. A company can empower its agents with Softphone termination to ensure smooth business communication.


Softphone technology works seamlessly and enables a business to offer high-quality communication to its customers. It helps provide a better customer experience with the HD voice quality and improves the agents’ productivity. It is indeed a beneficial solution that businesses should adopt to get cost savings.

How to buy a Softphone for Business?

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