What does Fastbase Offers to its Clients?

Are you struggling to find hottest possible leads for your business?

If so, then you know that you will have to opt for a lead generating tool that can solve this problem for you in a heartbeat. When going through a number of such tools, try to use Fastbase rather than anything else. It offers clients with much more than most similar software can provide in today’s world. Take a look at what this remarkable lead generating tool offers its clients.

  1. Tracking web visitors

One of the first and foremost things this tool provides is tracking web visitors for its clients.Companies can track visitors who log onto their website and receive interaction details. This tool allows a firm to explore about parties that are interested in one’s business by showing exactly what they are looking for, when visiting the website.

  1. Real time leads

When trying to get new leads speed plays a critical part in it. This software aids in getting web leads in real time as well as contact every potential prospect as soon as possible; after they visit one’s website for the first time. Such real time aspects help users of this software to grasp new leads much quicker than any other tool, which is why more businesses started using it and helped it to become one of the best in the field of lead generating tools.

  1. Qualified leads

Generating leads in abundance is never enough; hence, companies prefer choosing a tool that would offer qualified leads in sufficient numbers. This software helps in access a database that would provide its clients with qualified leads in abundance. Through its web leads filters, it assists in acquiring qualified leads from ample traffic flow to a business’ website. It offers optional views like business category, location, etc.

  1. Verified contacts

6.0-version of web leads from Fastbase allows clients to acquire detailed info about visitors of the website. This data consists of company name, key employees, website, email ids, phone numbers, visitor interaction, and more. Such verified information will assist in boosting marketing and sales of a business. Moreover, one can either export such data into Excel format or directly into a CRM system.

  • Google Analytics Webleads 6.0

Users of Google Analytics will have better user experience for this software. Simply linking an account will aid in receiving info that was recently removed/erased from Google Analytics. Moreover, it offers additional insights on things like a company’s paid or free digital marketing practices.

Apart from these above-mentioned major factors, this lead generating tool offers much more. Since this small list can’t contain every piece of information, only the chief ones are mentioned. Any company opting for this software will receive all these that will not only help it to grow but also function efficiently on a regular basis.

So, if you are looking for a lead generating tool for your business, then opt for Fastbase first. It is available in a free mode which can be used as a trial run till you are satisfied with its performance!

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