What Factors to Look For In a Montessori School?

What Factors to Look For In a Montessori School?

If you are a concerned parent, you know that Montessori education from the best international school in Malaysia is unique. It has the ability to shape a child’s desire and ability to learn and help them recognize the need for independence.

Leading Montessori schools have a balanced focus on intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development that is considered most important to a child’s development

1 – The classroom atmosphere  in a Montessori school

The first thing for anyone looking to choose the best international school in Malaysia for their child is to go to the classroom and observe it. It’s hard to get accurate information about a school from a tour around the building or conversations with the administrators.

You should spend some time or at least fifteen to twenty minutes just sitting and looking at the room full of children. Check if the classroom looks clean, organized and well-stocked with Montessori materials that pique the interest of small children. 

2 – Level of academic achievements

If you desire your child to achieve academic goals in their schooling years. You must ensure that the school you choose for your child shares this goal. Academic excellence is the effort to achieve the intellectual potential of the child to the fullest.

The best international school in Malaysia strives to achieve academic excellence. It is displayed through the student’s quest to acquire, adapt and apply knowledge and through the results obtained by these children at the end of every year.

3 – Providing True Montessori education

When you are considering Montessori schools, you must ensure that a true and effective Montessori education is provided. But what is real Montessori education, and what makes it effective? The school culture should be dedicated to helping each child gain independence, build confidence, enhance competence, boost self-esteem, and more.

Montessori is an approach to education and life. If the school is providing genuine Montessori education, then the specific features of the original Montessori program must be followed

4 – Qualities of a Montessori teacher at the best international school in Malaysia

A Montessori teacher has a different role than a regular school teacher. She is more of a supervisor and facilitator rather than a trainer. She works quietly in the background, keeping records of each child’s growth and progress, observing and creating an environment for good behaviour and development.

An expert teacher relies on her own observations to determine what new activities and materials she can introduce to a child or group. It aims to encourage active, self-directed learning as well as interaction with all. After all, it is teaching abilities that also count. 

5 – Look for Kindergarten Facility

Now, if you are looking for a Montessori preschool. You will ultimately have to decide whether to place your kid in a Montessori program for kindergarten. Then you may want to consider continuing your child’s Montessori education after kindergarten. The Montessori approach involves working with children to develop a child’s cognitive, neurological, and emotional development. Studies show that students in a good Montessori school often learn and understand their concepts better than their counterparts.

6 – Extended hours availability

Sometimes, with both parents working in full-time occupations, the availability of a school or daycare program with extended hours is a concern. When considering a Montessori school, you should also look at the programs offered and the daycare facility and extended hours provided as additional services.

7 – Right environment and freedom

In a good Montessori class, there is freedom within limits. In other words, children should have limited choices. Younger children work independently at their own pace with the material of their choice, either alone or with others, in the course of self-learning. 

Therefore the environment should be helpful to the learner or should be prepared by the teacher involving engaging Montessori materials and the freedom to choose what the child wants to work upon.. Small children can understand and learn more with their own interests and the teacher’s guidance when they pick up on their activities

8 – Knowledge of various activities

A good Montessori school prepares a child not just for school but for life. Various activities promote the development of social skills, emotional development, physical and motor development, and mental development with the right teaching methods.

As such, Montessori school children are extremely adaptable. When they move ahead, they have learned to work independently and in groups. They have also developed good communication skills with their classmates.

Bottom Line

A top Montessori school in Kuala Lumpur encourages children to move around freely. In the journey of making free choices and exploring new concepts. Montessori children build their identity and their understanding of good or bad.

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