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What is a Mainland Company Formation in Dubai?

Company formation in mainland Dubai has many advantages. Therefore, it appeals to investors from every part of the world to launch their dream business in this region.

A mainland company can expand its business to international markets, get government projects, and set up its office anywhere in UAE. So, if you have decided to set up your business in mainland Dubai, the best idea would be to collaborate with a business setup consultant in Dubai, and you will not only save a good amount of money but also receive hassle-free services.

How to Start a Mainland Company in Dubai?

Steps you need to follow as an investor for Dubai mainland company registration:

1. Decide the Legal Structure and Business Activities

If you plan to set up a company in mainland Dubai, you can choose from an LLC (limited liability Company), sole proprietorship, civil company, etc. You have multiple options on legal structure matters.

Furthermore, after you have selected your legal structure, it is time to choose your business activities. These activities are business operations that you will carry out in the UAE after your company is registered successfully. You can take the list of activities from the DED and choose your desired activities.

2. Choose a Trading Name

The next step is to choose your trade name for mainland company registration in Dubai. Shortlists a few names and sends the list to the authorities for their scrutiny. However, make sure you comply with the naming conventions set by the UAE government. Also, you should know, that the name should not contain any objectionable words or refer to any religion. Additionally, you will be charged an additional fee for using a foreign trading name.

3. Find an Office Space

Next, you will need to find an office space for your business setup. You can choose from a wide array of options like shared offices, co-working spaces, private offices, virtual offices, etc. You will need an official address to facilitate hassle-free business communication.

4. Apply for a Mainland Business License

After you have completed all the above steps, it is time to apply for a Dubai mainland license. You can obtain any of the licence, listed here:

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License
  • Industrial License
  • Tourism License

Your business license will depend on your business activities and expansion plans.

5. Obtain Additional Approvals

Reach out to the relevant departments and submit the business requirement plan along with the necessary documents to support your identity verification. However, you do not need to worry if you have hired a professional business setup consultant to manage your business setup process.

6. Manage Visas

Another important step in the process is visa management for your mainland company. Apply for visas for yourself and your dependents (along with employees) to ensure you do not face any problems later.

7. Open a Bank Account

Lastly, you will need a corporate bank account to manage your business transaction in Dubai (UAE). Therefore, talk to your business setup consultant to find the best banking option for you in Dubai.

Document for Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Submit the following documents to the concerned authorities to obtain the business license:

  • Trade name choices (at least 3)
  • List of business activities
  • Passport copies of all the business partners
  • UAE Entry stamp/visa page
  • Passport size photograph as per the rules

Benefits of Dubai Mainland Company Registration

  • Freedom to trade across Dubai and in the UAE
  • Ability to trade internationally and expand your business
  • Flexibility to grow your company and team anywhere in UAE
  • Ability to diversify your activities
  • Ability to deal with the UAE or GCC governments
  • Easy tax regime
  • Healthy work culture
  • Investor-friendly environment

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