What is a Solar Heating House?

How You Save Money

When you have a solar heating house, you save money because you use the solar energy captured by the solar panels to heat your home instead of using the utility company. You save money because you are using a natural way to heat your home. You spend money to buy the solar panels and storage unit, but when you figure the yearly money you save on heating costs from the utility, you are actually saving money because the residential solar heating will be paid for in a few years. If you plan your solar system the right way, you could be completely free of the utility companies.

How it Works

The solar heating house has panels installed either on the roof or on a side of a house. The ideal place is where the sun is the brightest and shines the longest. This would be an east to south side of the house. The suns energy is captured by the panels and sent to a storage area for use when it is needed. The system will provide you heat whenever you need it. The energy you use comes from the storage system. This is why you can heat your home all day and sometimes at night, but you might need a back up at night.

Keeping Utilities Hooked Up

Many people keep the heating from the utility hooked up in case there would be a need for an extra source of heat in the event that the solar unit would not collect enough solar energy. This can happen, but you still save money because, you use more of the solar power than you do the utilities. If you would have a large enough storage unit, you could heat your home for days, even when the cloud cover is apparent.

If you want to save money and do something green, you need a residential solar heating system. You will save money on heating costs and the system can pay for itself in no time. The solar heating house is ideal for those that want to save money, but also for those that want to stop using energy that comes from a utility company that seems to raise the prices when you most need the heat the most. The utility company that raises the cost of heating when the demand is high will no longer hold you hostage.
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