What is Abortion

What is abortion?

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Abortion can be voluntary or occur involuntarily (due to a genetic problem, such as a miscarriage). From a scientific point of view, abortion is the termination of pregnancy caused by the loss of an embryo or fetus.

What is a miscarriage, also known as a miscarriage?

It is the expulsion from the womb or from the mother’s body (for ectopic pregnancies) of an embryo or fetus less than 20 weeks pregnant or 22 weeks of amenorrhea. The fetus weighs no more than 500 grams. If the termination of the pregnancy exceeds this term, the term “fetal death in utero” is used. The death of the fetus in the mother’s womb. We can talk about it in a future blog post.

What is the difference between an IMG and an abortion?

Abortion is the voluntary termination of pregnancy. The reasons for the abortion are specific to each couple (economic reasons, contraceptive accidents, etc.).

IMG, medical abortion is induced for medical reasons, often due to a genetic anomaly, a disease of the fetus that questions its life, its future quality of life. An IMG can be performed even if the mother’s life is in danger (an extra uterine pregnancy for example).

Whether for personal or medical reasons, you have the right to be accompanied by someone to terminate the pregnancy.

How is abortion triggered?

To trigger an abortion, it is necessary to have two medical consultations (doctor or gynecologist or family planning) that will allow you to know your possibilities, your rights and to accompany your reflection. The doctor will also make sure you have free will. 7 days separate these two appointments. In France, a doctor can refuse this consultation, but MUST refer you to a colleague who can follow the procedure. Some doctors in France refuse to have an abortion. It is their right. On the other hand, they have no right not to address you. This is illegal.

At the end of these appointments, as the pregnancy progresses, you can choose, in the opinion of the specialist, between two abortions. Aspiration abortion of the fetus is a medical abortion that will trigger abortion. Abortion pills available in Dubai

What is a medicated abortion?

Medicated abortion is effective in 95% of cases. This method is not a surgical procedure. In France, up to 5 weeks of pregnancy is possible, i.e. 7 weeks without menstruation. This consists of taking two medications under medical supervision that will trigger the abortion.

The first (Mifepristone) will stop and terminate the pregnancy. Its purpose is to trigger uterine contractions and dilation of the cervix.

The second (misoprostol), given about 2 days later, will cause the egg to be expelled through the inferior route. The expulsion of the egg can occur during the medical check-up or at home. It will take the form of a very severe bleeding. Everyone can be prescribed pain relievers from their doctor. You also have the right to be accompanied by a psychologist if you need help getting through this stage.

What is a fetal aspiration abortion?

This method is effective in 99.7% of cases. It can be performed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy or 14 weeks after the last menstrual period. This is a surgical procedure that requires general or local anesthesia depending on your health and preferences. The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes. During this time, the doctor dilates the cervix and uses a small tube to aspirate whatever is present (embryo / fetus, placenta). Following this procedure, stomach pain, blood loss such as menstruation or fever may occur. It is advisable to contact a doctor if these symptoms persist or are intense.

What difficulties can be encountered in having an abortion?

Today in France, some doctors refuse to perform an abortion by invoking a conscience clause. Some go further, complicating access to abortion, which is a fundamental right.

Abortion is now limited to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Other than that, it is impossible to have an abortion in France. Many women travel to Europe to have an abortion.

Many websites and forums fight directly or indirectly against abortion. Pay attention to the sites and toll-free numbers that dedicate a large part of their content to motherhood, to the so-called complications and traumas (mortality, depression, infertility, etc.) linked to an abortion.

If you are a minor, you need the written consent of an adult. It is also mandatory for minors to attend a psychosocial interview before the surgery. In general, minors who wish to have an abortion are usually accompanied by their parents. If this is not possible, any adult may be chosen to accompany the minor during the abortion procedure. Keep in mind that professional secrecy will be maintained! Abortion Pills available in UAE