What is technical analysis in forex? How Important is it?

What is technical analysis in forex? How Important is it?


This article is all about technical analysis in forex. What is the importance of technical analysis in forex? And also discussed the best forex broker in the market for trading. Technical analysis is basically good for long term or short term trading. 

What is forex trading?

A forex trading is the exchange of one currency into another currency. It is one of the world’s biggest markets, and the market capitalization of the forex market is around $6.6trillion. A forex trading is basically for a variety of reasons like tourism, commerce, trading, etc. 

What is technical analysis in forex?

Technical analysis is the simple analysis of the market about price performance. With the help of the technical analysis, they can better predict the future market price of the assets. 

What are the best technical indicators for analysis?

  • Stophistics oscillators: The Stophistics oscillators are the momentum indicators used in forex trading to determine the potential trend reversals. It helps to measure the closing price of the forex to the trading range over a period of time. 
  • RSI strategy: The relative Strength Index is to measure the relative changes that occur between the opening and closing price of the forex market. The investors use this strategy to identify the overbought and oversold conditions of the forex. 
  • Parabolic SAR indicator strategy: SAR stands for the ‘Stop and Reversal’. The investor uses this strategy to highlight how a market is moving and identify the trade’s entry and exit points. 
  • Moving average: MACD is one of the most technical indicators used in forex trading, and it will be used especially in periods of 10, 50, 100, and 200 days. MACD helps to maintain risk management with stop vitals to avoid losses.

What are the pros of using technical analysis?

  • Know the entry and exit points: With the help of the technical analysis, the traders know the entry and exit for the trading because it helps to make a higher proof tin trading. 
  • Find the best strategy: An investor knows the best trading strategy, which is useful while trading in the market because the trader knows all aspects of the market situation. 
  • Early Signals: An investor knows better which is going o the market and what situation is created in future. Due to this, a trader takes the best decision on trading signals. 

How to trade forex with TradeATF?

An investor needs to open a trading account with TradeATFHere are some steps that the investors follow:

  • In initially, a trader has to apply online on the official website of the TradeATF and fill the application in which name, age, address, country, etc. 
  • Then give the answers to the questionnaire; after that, you have to select your trading account which is suitable for your trading. 
  • After that, verify the investor trading account with the help of a government ID card. 
  • In the last deposit, the minimum amount of money into the trading account and start trading. 

Which is the best forex broker for trading?


It is the oldest broker in the market, which is founded in 2013. TradeATF is authorized and sanctioned by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize. In addition, TradeATF is the digital sponsor of the Argentina Football Team. TradeATF offers 350+ CFDs assets, including forex, cryptocurrency, metals, stocks, commodities and indices. 

The customer support service of the TradeATF is fantastic for the traders. Before start trading with TradeATF, an investor has to deposit $250 as a mi amount into the trading account. 


It is the latest broker in the market that provide the services in 2020. 1010investing is sanctioned and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The headquarter of the 101investing is located at 13 & 15 Grigori Afxentiou str. IDE Ioannou Court, 3rd Floor, Office,301, 4003 Limassol Cyprus. 

The broker offers 250+ CFDs instruments on a variety of assets such as forex, commodities, cryptocurrency, stocks, metals and indices. In addition, the broker offers three types of trading accounts such as silver, gold and platinum. 

How is technical analysis important?

To make a higher profit in forex, a trader needs to take the help of technical analysis to predict the best market conditions for trading.  

The Bottom Line 

Finally, we can say technical analysis plays an important role in the investor’s life because whey can predict the future market with the help of this. Every chart and every indicator has some type of benefit, which is helpful for the traders. 

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