What is the alternative to Girls instead of Flowers?

All we have a one special women in our life in the role of our mother, sister, or wife, We all know flowers are the best gift to give someone, someone who belongs to our heart but always not an option to send them. Then what to do give or send someone instead of flowers? There are multiple things you gift women which make them happy. Here comes the main task that you have to find out the list of the gifts that makes them smile I know it is a little daunting but I鈥檒l try my best to make it easy for you.

 Whether it is birthday or anniversary or could be any occasion these following gifts will help you some.

路         Pets

路         A Short Vacation

路         Candlelight Dinner

路         Balloons

路         Ring

Pets – It may sound equal parts funny and equal parts adorable, but instead of having your flower girl toss rose petals, you can have her walk or carry your pet down the aisle鈥攖hat is if she’s okay with animals (and the animal is okay with kids). A small pet of dog or cat will surely cheer her mood and whenever she sees that pet it’ll remind her of you.

A Short Vacation 鈥 In this world full of stress and tight schedule we forget to live our lives. A small short trip can do a work you can take her for a short vacation where you can spend lots of time together. Where you can get free time to share your thoughts with each other. Or you laugh just by recreating your old memories. This will be one of the best gifts you can give your mother or your sister or even your wife too.

Candle Night Dinner- This one is my favourite because this gift can melt anyone鈥檚 heart whether it is your mom or your wife. Mostly we guys go for candlelight dinner with our gf or with our wife, but you know can go with your mother too trust try once this will goanna embrace you at all. Or when it comes about our mother鈥檚 happiness we can cross any extent.  For your wife, I don鈥檛 think there is a need to tell you anything we all are experts in this. Still, just remember one thing while you out with her don鈥檛 talk about work talks about her work her favourite things order her favourite food this will definitely work.

Balloons – Replace the flowers by handing your flower girl a bouquet of tiny balloons to walk down the aisle with instead. It will be magical in photos, and a colourful treat for her to enjoy as she makes her way toward the front of the ceremony aisle. This is the perfect gift for the sister she will gonna love this gift and by gifting this you鈥檒l be creating a respect full image in her heart because in future she鈥檒l gonna share everything with you without any hesitation.

Ring聽– Girls are very emotional and do not easily share their emotions with anyone, they are hard to read but still emotional. Small events and surprising them with gifts and other things can definitely win an appreciation from them. Flowers are also an effective gift to surprise them when your words are not enough. But if there is some serious moment or you forget your anniversary or birthday you can gift her a beautiful ring that gonna lasts forever in her hand. Or you can gift her a ring with flowers and a sorry card this definitely works here we have to take the help of flowers.

So above are some beautiful gifts for women that you gift her on their birthday, anniversary, or any special event. Hope you find this informative and usefull.


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