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What Is the Best Time for Office Cleaning in Tonbridge?

Does your place stay messy all the time? Unable to find the time to organise the stacks of paperwork scattered all over the office? Do you always give the usual excuse of” I can work better in an unorganised environment” and overlook office cleaning in Tonbridge your messy desk? Well, sooner or later, it will result in overall poor performance and inefficiency in completing tasks. 

Running a business is not simple; your clients always expect that you will honour professionalism at all times. This also includes providing your employees with a safe and clean space where they can work with full concentration without worrying about suffering from health issues. You cannot afford to suffer loss because your employees are sick now and then. Or delay a report because you can’t find the materials. Click here

Thus, cleaning your office is an effective solution to build client trust and improve office productivity. However, the question is when is the best time to clean your office is? Below is a guide that you can follow:

Daily Cleaning Task

Research has shown that on average, 10 million bacteria are found on a standard office desk setting. This makes it four hundred times greater, compared to an average rest room seat. As a result, daily cleaning is crucial to keep your office free from dust and various bacterias. This in turn could cause sickness. It is best to clean before or after office hours, so your office hours are not disturbed. Right here are a few important day to day chores to do for your office:

1. Keep all office floor tiles clean

2. Mop and disinfect all office floor surfaces

3. Clearing out and organising documents from the desk

4. Empty garbage and shredding machine

5. Dust all office furniture and equipment

6. Wipe toilet seats and sinks

7. Refill toilet paper

8. Mop watermarks from the room floors

9. Clean glass windows, mirrors, and doors

10. Wipe cafe room tables, chairs, sinks, and counter

Weekly Cleaning Task

This type of cleaning requires extra effort. It involves maintaining the cleanliness of your office. Below are a number of the activities included:

1. Polish and wipe hardwood floors, along with tabletops

2. Cleaning the interior and exterior of windows

3. Dusting furnishings and movables that accumulate dust which includes baseboards, ceiling fans, and air conditioners. 

4. Sanitising computer systems and laptops

5. Throw all spoiled and unwanted food from the fridge

6. Disinfecting refrigerator, microwave oven, and different office equipment

7. Vacuuming mats and carpets

8. Wiping staircase handrail 

9. Scrubbing sink and tiles of the break room 

10. Organising documents following the filing device

Monthly Cleaning Task

Getting a clean and well-maintained office also demands effort and time. Monthly cleaning responsibilities prevent bacteria from permanently invading the place of work and cause health problems. Below is a complete cleaning checklist:

1. Vacuum vents and workplace fixtures

2. Replace all curtains, cushion covers, and different used fabric substances

3. Dusting and disinfecting difficult to reach areas which include ceilings, cabinets, and home windows

4. Disposing of unwanted workplace items

5. Checking and replacing light bulbs if important

6. Polishing floors with wax

7. Replacing carpets

8. Discarding unwanted files and documents

9. Maintaining and updating information 

10. Arranging furnishings and movables when required

As Soon As Possible

There are some situations when you don’t need to wait for a week or a month to perform in-depth cleaning and sanitisation. Especially now that we are facing pandemic, making sure that our office is free from viruses and bacteria is essential. 

Moreover, as soon as you experience the overwhelming feeling with unorganised piles of paper and office items, this is the best time to clean your office. Keep in mind that a disorganised working environment could not make your office efficient. This might also have an effect on the business, negatively.

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