Clean Thorogood boots

What is the Best Way to Clean Thorogood boots?

What is the Best Way to Clean Thorogood boots?

Shoes are more than a necessity for everyone out there. Gone are the days that shoes were merely a clothing item made for covering feet. Nowadays, the plethora of designs that we see in the market has made it clear that the shoe industry is a completely different kind. 

Nowadays, shoes are the first impression you have of other people; your shoes are the things that define you. Hence it is necessary to get shoes that are functional and also great to wear and look at. One of the great types of boots is the Thorogood work boots.

What are Thorogood boots?

Thorogood boots are a name that has a reputation and a name that does not need an introduction. These well-crafted leather shoes have survived the market and the shoes industry for over one hundred and twenty-five years. 

These were the type of boots worn solely to keep your feet safe in dangerous sites. Nonetheless, nowadays, they are worn because of their great aesthetic style and original leather. 

Cleaning your Thorogood boots

Owing to their great usage and manufacturing, these are the shoes that will seriously last a lifetime. They are used in rough places and kept on for hours at a stretch. But they still maintain their shape and style. 

Nonetheless, they are a product, and because they are used for hours at a time and even years overall, they may get pretty dirty. That is why they should get thorough cleaning after some time. But since these boots are made of real leather, you can’t just throw them in the washer; Thorogood boots can be cleaned in the following way.

Dry Clean

The first step to cleaning your Thorogood boots is using a dry brush. The dry brush is the one that is usually used to brush off dust and dirt from the shoes. Since the boots have a lot of dirt, you can’t start with wet substances, and you need to brush off the initial layer of debris. 

Once that is cleared, you can move on with a smaller brush or even an old toothbrush to scrub small bits and the sole sides. It would help if you scrubbed off as much dust and dirt as possible from there; you will start to see the difference very soon.

Sole cleaning

The next step to cleaning your vintage Thorogood boots is the sole. The sole should be cleaned on all sides, including the bottom, to look as good as new. The step is the same as the first one, which involves taking a brush and wiping off its sole. 

At the end of this step, you will have shoes that are dirt-free. These are used in quite a few rough spots. That’s why it’s essential to brush them off first.

Upper shoe cleaning

Thorogood work boots are now supposed to be cleaned with a softer brush, use a cleaning product, and start scrubbing. You can use any product that you have on hand that is reviewed to clean leather well. All you have to do is mix it in some water and use a brush, and start scrubbing. 

You have to scrub on all sides to ensure that the shoes are thoroughly cleaned and do not leave any stains or marks. Make sure to scrub the sides of the sole, too, to get them nice and white as before.

Conditioning leather milk

The next step in the cleaning process is using conditioning milk. Conditioning milk for leather is used, and it is a great way to revive the old leather. Even though leather can turn dull over time, leather conditioning milk can help. Many good brands have conditioning milk for leather items that you can check out.


After deep conditioning, the last step is polishing your boots. By taking the polish you usually use and polish the shoes as usual. Giving them a good brushing of polish and wiping them with a cloth will surely make them good as new.

Cleaning leather boots is slightly more difficult than just tossing them in the washer as with other fabric made shoes. You need to use soft brushes, good leather conditioner, and the right polish to make them look as good as new. 


Thorogood moc toe or any Thorogood boots are used as work boots and even for aesthetic appeal. They are not only designed in an impeccable way that everyone is bound to love but can also survive your entire life. 

Nonetheless, years and years of usage can make them lose their grace. That is why it’s necessary to have a deep cleaning of your boots now and then.

So follow the process above to ensure that your Thorogood boots are cleaned well and properly since they can get ruined by ill handling.

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