Role Business Cards can Play in the Success of your Business

Imagine you walk into a large gathering of people and strike up a great conversation with them. As the person is about to leave, he/she says, “It was great talking with you!” Are you a business person?

You would need to look for one if you don’t have one. This person would need to use their phone to enter your information. It is both tedious and time-consuming. What if they forget your name? If you have a card for your business, you can hand it to the person and feel confident. This is the number one reason you should have business cards.

Be prepared!

We can only remember so much in today’s information-flooded world. It doesn’t matter if you are in a profession that involves a lot of people every day, remembering names and faces can be difficult for some people. If someone asks you for your contact information, don’t forget to ask if they have one. This makes you appear ill-prepared. Although some people keep business cards on their phones, imagine carrying them around all day at trade shows. You don’t have a long battery life so you will look unprepared. You will appear more prepared and professional if you can whip out a business card that you can hand to potential clients.

Making a good impression

A business card signals to others that you are familiar with networking. It signals to people that this is not your first attempt at networking and that your company has taken the time to create something for this purpose so they don’t waste their time. They will see that professionals value efficiency and time.

It also shows that you and your company believe in your business, and have thought about the branding and image of your business. Your name, email address, and phone number are not all that you will find on business cards. They can also include graphics, logos, or images. All of these elements create a picture of your business. You only get one chance to make a first impression with a prospect. The rest is up to them. Better come equipped!

The business card will encourage more conversation. You want to choose an interesting card. A metal business card, for example, will leave a better impression than a simple white one with text. A visually appealing business card makes you appear more professional and formal than your favorite business suit.

The client can also associate your name with the brand of the company you work for. Your face will be associated with the brand logo from now on. An exchange of printed business cards should conclude all great business conversations. A potential client asking to exchange cards with your company and you not having any is the worst thing that could happen. It’s difficult to erase that first impression.

Make a statement with your card

With same-day printing and customizable templates, it is easy to create custom business cards, quickly and easily. There are tons of options for materials such as cotton, linen, and even suede. You don’t need to worry about sharing your business card with someone else. There are many combinations. A professional-designed business card not only contains your contact information and name but also tells others who you are and what your style is. People will be more likely to look at your business card several times before asking you questions. It’s easy to make it a topic of conversation and engage people.

Make yourself recognizable

An adult human being can think between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. It is unrealistic to expect everyone will remember your name, email address, and telephone number. This problem can be solved by having a business card. This small, thoughtful gesture is appreciated by both parties and relieves them of the pressure to remember each other. Finally, sometimes we need to be able to recall someone’s name in the future. This is when we are happy that we have someone’s business card.

You want to make a good first impression when you meet with potential clients. Your business cards are your introduction. Consider the difference between giving someone a business card and giving them your contact information.

Still people like old school

Even though the world is becoming increasingly digital, there are plenty of examples that show people still depend on business cards. You can see the business cards at every front desk, including your dentist, accountant, and doctor. They need to be refilled daily. Not everyone likes to use their phone to store everything. Not everyone likes to look up information every time they need to contact someone. You can be sure that someone will have their business card in their wallet or drawer. Not everyone uses their smartphone for business purposes. Many businesses rely on smartphones to communicate with potential clients. Problem is, not everyone has one. Although a large portion of the population has one, it’s important to remember that not everyone wants one. This is where physical business cards are useful. 

It’s a traditional method of communicating with people about your business without using technology. It allows them to reply to you faster. You are giving out a physical extension to yourself and your company when you hand out business cards. It is something that a person can touch, feel, hold, and feel. While it may seem very similar to typing your information into a phone, there is a sense of difference.

Make elegant business cards design

Instead of looking at your name and number on a screen next to dozens of other numbers, someone can view a business card. Your information is in unique text and different colors and it feels nice. Because it is tangible, a business card feels more personal. It can be touched and feels real, unlike information on your smartphone which is only virtual.

The number one way to sell is to build a personal relationship with prospects. Although some may take longer to build relationships than others, all will eventually buy if they are given enough lead nurturing and relationship building. The first step in this whole process is to meet the person face-to-face.

Business cards are the best form of collateral online and offline to encourage this. However, it’s not only you who should use business cards. Your staff must learn how to use business cards and enjoy face-to-face interaction.

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