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What to expect from International High Schools in Japan?

Japan is an island country where traditional culture plays a major role in everyday life and is one of the most advanced societies when it comes to economic and technological growth. 

Education is considered very vital in Japan making it one of the most literate countries in the world. It is compulsory for every child to attend elementary school in Japan.

High schools in japan

In Japan, choosing the right school plays an important role in determining the social status of an individual. Students from elementary school start to work very hard in order to get admission in the best schools. Their screening starts from elementary school up until the university level.Higher education is desired by all students and they have to go through rigorous curriculum and screening in order to be prepared for university entrance exams in the future

International Schools in Tokyo

Being the current de facto capital of Japan, Tokyo is Japan’s leading centre of business and finance. Tokyo houses some of the prestigious international schools and universities in Japan.The term “international school” in Japan is usually used for schools offering english as the primary language.
There are several types of high schools in Japan like general academic high school, special high schools which target future employment in a specific job area, evening high schools/correspondence schools and college of technology. High schools in Tokyo will last three years while the correspondence schools may last for a longer duration.

Some of the best International Schools in Tokyo 

Global Indian International School, Tokyo

Global Indian International School is one of the top rated international schools in Tokyo. At GIIS students are exposed to a positive environment where they can learn and strengthen their personality, values , and culture.
The school believes in transforming students into future leaders of the world by nurturing them with innovation, leadership , and entrepreneurial skills. The school follows various curriculum intricately designed to grow with the learning capability of children.

GIIS continues to rank as the No 1 Overseas CBSE school despite COVID.

Tokyo International School

Tokyo International School caters to students of the ages of 4 – 14 years.
The curriculum followed is International Baccalaureate (IB) which is geared towards inquiry based learning.The school also follows the Australian Physical Education and Health curriculum to keep the general fitness and health of students under check.

United School of Tokyo

United School Of Tokyo was founded by teachers and parents to provide affordable, quality educational opportunities for families in Tokyo. The school is preferred by parents who are looking for a balanced yet rigorous curriculum that is also focused on daily Japanese programs. The school follows an American curriculum.

Tokyo YMCA International School

Tokyo YMCA International School’s education is guided by YMCA’s core values of respect, care, honesty , and responsibility combined with academic excellence.
The school also encourages students to respect and honor each other’s cultural heritage and individuality. The school follows a North American curriculum for the core subject offered to students.

Axis International School  

Axis International School believes that learning to be motivated and self disciplined from a young age is a very important part of a child’s life and will make them independent learners and thinkers for life. The school follows a system where small frequency classes are encouraged to ensure that teachers can pay attention to them individually. The school follows an American curriculum 

Tokyo Bay International School

Tokyo Bay International School believes in empowering students to be smart and successful global citizens of the future. They have an interactive and student centred  and integrated teaching approach and follow the British and Montessori curriculum. The school offers STEM, robotics , and programming to its students from a young age. 

Aoba-Japan International School

Aoba-Japan International School is an IB continuum school where students are taught to make positive changes to the world. The school encourages entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and social responsibility among its students as the major pillars of decision making.Although the majority of the students are Japanese the lessons are taught only in english.  


At the end of the day, one has to research thoroughly in order to find the best international school for your child. In Japan, higher education is considered to be a very important aspect of a child’s life and also is crucial for future opportunities. 

There is no doubt that Tokyo has some of the finest and prestigious international schools which provide quality education, having said that it is always advised to go and visit the school or register for a virtual school to gather as much information as you can and this will also give you a chance to speak directly to the faculty as well. 


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