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What to Look in a School in Pune That Offers a Curriculum?

If you are from Pune and wondering what type of education is the best for your child, then you are at the right place. Parents seek the best School in Pune for educational programs for their children and in this post, let’s look at the top things to keep in mind during this process. 

All of us are aware of the lasting impact early learning experiences have on a child’s development and future learning. The parents are therefore responsible for choosing an educational program that is appropriate for their children. 

This is why a Montessori school is the best for your child, as the Montessori curriculum does not evaluate students based on a single aspect, but based on their progress. It’s important to honor their individuality by letting them make their own choices about everything, whether it’s dressing, playing, studying, or achieving success as global leaders.

If you are a parent looking for International schools for your child, a Montessori education should be on your hunt list for these reasons:

Why Montessori education? 

It’s important for your child to be capable of making his or her own decisions, whether it is academically, communicating what they need, knowing their boundaries, or their limitations. 

A Montessori curriculum meets the educational goals that this generation of parents have for their children, such as allowing them to be social and productive, as well as to grow into people who are capable and have a strong sense of self. 

From the moment you enter a Montessori classroom, you can tell that something is different. In this classroom, you will see students working independently and in groups, working with specially designed learning materials, deeply engaged in their work, and very respectful of themselves and their surroundings. 

The Montessori curriculum approach to education cultivates rigorous growth for children and adolescents in all aspects of their well-being and development-emotional, physical, social, and cognitive.

An Early Developmental Approach in International Schools Pune

Montessori education promotes the growth of the child from an early age. Early childhood plays a very important role in helping a child become a strong and capable individual in the future. Montessori education is self-paced, student-led, but guided, enriched and assessed by caring teachers, peers, and a nurturing environment. 

Embracing a multi-sensory approach to learning and pursuing a passion for inquiry while learning within the community of a multi-age classroom that offers natural opportunities for independence, accountability, and citizenship. 

Individual students follow their curiosity at their own pace, spending the time they need to understand each concept and meet their personal learning goals. We provide them with the freedom and support to question, make connections, and dig deep into different topics. 

When children have studied in the Montessori based curriculum, they grow up to be enthusiastic, confident, and self-directed learners that are committed to both the community and themselves. 

Through this program, students develop critical thinking skills, collaborate and act with courage, and live with integrity. This is the ideal outcome for parents. 

The major features of the Pune International School based on the Montessori curriculum that you should look out for.

A well-designed classroom 

The classrooms are intentionally designed with a lot of activities. Students have the option of picking an activity to work on. This enables them to pick an activity that interests them. 

Some students may naturally prefer to work alone, but others may enjoy working in groups. Children are intentionally given small group instructions and collaborative activities as they mature and grow. 

Students learn different learning relationships and interpersonal dynamics in the form of independent, partner, small group, and whole group lessons that prepare them for life outside of the classroom.  Allowing students to make choices based on internal motivation rather than adults directing them builds a solid foundation for capable children.

Interactive Activities 

Students are given activities where they can take care of their learning. Based on their abilities and interests, they are given opportunities to practice, review and move forward. 

The teachers evaluate the children daily by observing how they interact with their peers in the classroom. Using their expertise in academic outcomes and child development, they prepare an environment that is stimulating and accessible – physically, emotionally, socially and academically. 

Each student is provided with an individualized learning plan based on his/her unique abilities and interests. The students are free to pursue new knowledge and seek answers to their questions.


As a Montessori based curriculum, the lessons align well with the state learning standards and provide children with hands-on experiences that help them gain a deep understanding of complex concepts. 

It is not a year-by-year curriculum, but rather a curriculum grouped into three-year cycles. This respects the fact that children develop and master concepts at different rates. 

Through all aspects of the curriculum, teachers help and support the student’s growth, ensuring a full sequence of lessons in each area, as well as providing challenges when needed.


One needs more than just academic education to ensure a child’s success in a global environment. With a focus on holistic development in all of their students, international schools in Pune are leading the way in helping parents secure the futures of their children. It is a great experience to be a parent, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. 

We always want the best for our children as parents. Montessori is the best choice if you wish for your child to become independent, impactful individuals who are compassionate and believe in the value of knowledge and community.