Wheat Silage – High Energy And Digestibe Silage For Your Cattle

Agriculture is the most important branch of Science upon which 70% of Indians depend for the source of Income.  WHEAT SILAGE   lays an important role in the fields and for the cattle and have produced it as a “double crop” that provides better fattening diets for cattle which boosts their immune system. It is very nutritious for livestock maintenance and valuable as oat silage. Wheat is not traditionally used as feeding element for the cattle because of its milling properties. But now, Silage companies give you the feedgrade wheat which can easily involve in the diet of cattle.  This is an excellent feeding silage for the cattle. It helps cattle to gain 1.5 to 2.5 pounds daily. The 1000-pound cow needs 26.5 pounds of dry matter per day and 2000-pound cow needs 42.2 pounds of dry matter per day. Wheat Silage is better than any other silage in every aspect. It’s not hard to chew this silage for animals as it is highly enriched in fiber.

How Does this High Energetic Wheat Silage Produce?

Wheat Silage is produced by cutting wheat forage at very early stage when it is very palatable and healthy. When the farmers cut it later (at the milk stage), it has lower nutritious level.

According to Researchers, Wheat Silage is better and more digestible than Maize Silage (MS) and Vetch hay (VH). The performance level of beef cattle after feeding wheat silage is about 80% of the performance of beef cattle on Corn Silage.

Apart from this, Wheat Silage has become popular as a feed for dairy cows because of its rich nutrients and proteins. The new concept about wheat silage includes the changes in fibres, energy, proteins, fats and minerals with the stage of maturity at harvest. Now-a-days, the use of wheat silage has been increased by dairy farmers. Several Characteristics of wheat as a forage crop are:

• It does not harm any kind of soil.

•  It allows proper utilization of soil and Silage handling equipment.

• It maintains high milk production.

• It can be easily stored.

• It is affordable.

Is Wheat Silage Really Digestible for the Cattles?

It is important to feed your cattle with the best silage. Studies show that if a Cow will have some Long Wheat Hay (LWH), Short Wheat Hay (SWH) and Wheat Silage (WS). Now, when we examine the different parameters for the “Cattles” like their behavior, Milk Yield, Recumbence and Digestibility.

The physical effects will be same in both either Long Wheat Hay or Short Wheat Hay i.e, (65% and 62% respectively). But in case of Wheat Silage, the DM Digestibility of cattle will be more (77%). It prevents feed sorting by cattle after 12 or 24 hours of the diets. Similarly, Cattles fed by Wheat Silage will give higher milk yield and fat milk instead of those who fed by any other silage. Hence, we can say that Wheat Silage is an easily digestible food for cattle.

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