cbse schools in noida

Which are some of the best CBSE Schools in Noida for child?

The Central Board of secondary education (CBSE) is a renowned pedagogy which prepares students from Classes 1 to 12 for competitive examinations while facilitating entry into the world’s leading universities. This approach to holistic education enables students to focus effectively on academics, as well as pursue their interests in sports and extracurricular activities.

The primary focus of the CBSE board is on the following aspects:

  • Innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student-centered paradigms
  • Reforms in examinations and evaluation practices
  • Skill learning by adding job-oriented and job-linked inputs
  • Regularly updating the pedagogical skills of the teachers and administrators by conducting in service training programmes, workshops etc

So, here are some of the best CBSE schools in Noida:

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Global Indian International School provides the acclaimed Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) programme for students from Class 1 onwards. The programme emphasises academic excellence through innovative learning methodologies through student-friendly paradigms.

GIIS has combined CBSE’s built-in activities and exercises, promoting cross-curricular learning with our award-winning 9GEMS holistic framework. This ensures that the students get equal exposure to academic, sporting and extracurricular excellence that prepares them to face competitive exams as well as be out-of-the-box thinkers, ready to face challenges in the global environment.

This approach supports two important GIIS goals:

  • Ability to use knowledge effectively during a variety of contexts
  • Engage in higher-level reasoning skills

The teachers leverage on this method to help students connect theory with practise, giving the students an enriched learning experience. The qualified faculty also makes sure that students learn to build a bridge between classroom learning and real life, by practical applications of the skills learnt.

Their commitment to imparting knowledge in the best possible way, through the best possible means, finds success in the outcomes of their efforts. Their CBSE results have been consistently outstanding, with students scoring excellent grades in both Class 10 and 12 Board Exams in GIIS campus nationally and internationally. It is indeed the best secondary school in Noida.

Kothari International School

International School Kothari, a co-educational campus and among the best CBSE schools in Noida, covers 8 acres within the clean and spacious Sector 50 of NOIDA and truly epitomizes the concept of a modern educational institution.

International School offers a dual curriculum based on international teaching standards. The school integrates the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education of India with The National Curriculum England-Cambridge International Examination (CIE).

Moreover, the school’s day boarding facility gives an extra edge to students keen on developing their skills beyond academics. The afternoon activity programme provides each child a chance to find and build a ‘spare time’ interest and have interaction in creative and constructive pursuits.

Kothari school believes that sports and hobbies play a pivotal role in drawing out talent and building character and solidarity. Expert coaches, excellent sports infrastructure and a range of co-curricular activities help students discover their talents and develop holistically.Responsible and upright behaviors are an expression of this school’s culture.

At Kothari International School, it’s an endeavor to empower the students with knowledge and skills through engaged learning; ensure the pursuit of tertiary education of their choice, and make them custodians of their own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Ramagya School

Ramagya School, Noida is listed among the 30 great Indian Schools by Forbes India magazine. Within a span of more than 15 years of its existence, Ramagya has proved to be one of the best secondary schools,having the right amalgamation of knowledge and values for academics, escalation for co-curricular excellence and attainment of brilliance in Sports.

Ramagya School, affiliated to CBSE & CIE boards is located in the heart of Noida, Sector – 50 with a sprawling campus area of more than 3 acres. The school’s enviable scholastic, co-scholastic attainments are attributed to an eclectic mixture of faculty having 15 years of educational teaching experience.

As part of the management policies, teachers regularly attend seminars and conferences, thus broadening their horizons of academic excellence both at national as well as international platforms.

The curriculum followed at Ramagya can boast of its global lineage with a wide range of core subjects, students and teachers exchange programme for global exposure and an ideal Student-Teacher ratio of 25:1.

Ramagya School, Noida is one among the trendsetter schools in India due to its contemporary teaching pedagogies which incorporate best practices of:

  • Maria Montessori
  • Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence
  • Montessori Learning Corridors
  • Reflective Corners
  • Word Wall
  • Open doors
  • Customised ‘flexi learn technology’ at the secondary and senior secondary level

Ramagya School offers an international platform with a perfect blend of state of the art infrastructure, technology, modern pedagogy, culture, sports, innovative and experiential learning skill.