Which International school is the best In Abu Dhabi?

Some of the Middle East countries today are at the top in the education sector. Many students migrate to the country to avail the best possible academic curriculum and grab their hands on a good university every year. The most important thing is the ex-pat families moving to countries like Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, and one of the biggest and best schools in the world.

While it concerns a child’s education, every parent would try to find the best possible solution, and Abu Dhabi seems one of them. The country offers excellent job and education opportunities. Meanwhile, the need to provide the best education to a child becomes tremendously essential; authorities like Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) maintain the school’s standards.

How can you find out the best International school in Abu Dhabi?

Since Abu Dhabi’s Education Authorities maintain a very high standard to rank a private or international school, it becomes even more necessary for the schools to ensure high-quality education. The several curriculum options such as Montessori school or IB schools would all prepare your child for competing globally and with their best foot forward.

While identifying the best school in Abu Dhabi, you should first familiarise yourself with all the possible curriculum opportunities available for your child. Choosing a Montessori school in Abu Dhabi could do wonders by helping your younger one understand the value and definition of independent learning and gain a lot from it.

Montessori learning in Abu Dhabi helps enrich students’ learning experience, and that’s why school providing it would always be the best option. The teaching faculty and infrastructure also play an essential role in identifying the best school. They help students find information through a myriad of resources and make them intellectually sharp and skillful.

Even though schools in Abu Dhabi are not very affordable, they are still not very expensive to the schools in Dubai. So look for the schools that are little light in your pocket. So here are some of the excellent schools in Abu Dhabi that you need to look for in your research and recommendations.

Top Schools in Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Abu Dhabi

GIIS Abu Dhabi has its branches across the world. The school has been known and recommended by many parents for providing students with an excellent learning environment and helping them enhance their skills. The school has opted for several new-age teaching methods such as Montessori learning, IB programs, Cambridge curriculum, etc. With world-class faculty and infrastructure, they create a culturally diverse environment for the students to interact and constantly upgrade their personalities.

American International School

Established in 1995, the school is a perfect choice for local and ex-pat students. They admit kids from Kindergarten till Higher Secondary level and offer a curriculum based on international standards such as IB Primary year program and Montessori education. They are into providing education based on American standards while following the Abu Dhabi Education Council’s protocols.

Abu Dhabi International School

It is amongst the best international schools in Abu Dhabi, providing a disciplined and culturally diverse environment to students from different cultural backgrounds. The school offers IB programs, British A-Level programs, and American curriculum programs to help students study in the top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, etc. They continue to maintain the international and local ideologies together while developing the skills of the students.

Al Najah Private School

It is another one of the best schools providing students from different cultural backgrounds with an acclaimed British academic curriculum and preparing them for meeting the requirement to get admitted to foreign universities. The school has a level from K-12 till higher secondary.

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