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Which University Is Best For Graphic Design?

Are you thinking about studying graphic design?

This is a fantastic degree to have in the modern world, and it can lead to making job opportunities once you graduate. Of course, you will be searching for the best graphic design schools in the world.

This is going to increase your chance of landing a job once you have achieved your degree. Of course, before you apply for university, it is crucial to work hard in school and get the grades that you need.

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graphic design courses

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You have a lot to consider when choosing a university course. Do you want to stay close to family and friends or move further away? Do you want to be in a big city or a smaller town? are you going to the course or the university? Well if you are a keen designer like us, then you want to know our top suggestions for Graphic Design and Illustration undergraduate courses.

University of Brighton

Brighton is just bursting with creativity, you’ll find inspiration down almost every street you turn. The University of Brighton offers both an Illustration and Graphic Design undergraduate course both with international reputations. The Illustration and Graphic Design course work closely together to give you a better understanding of the field of work you could be joining. They have dedicated studio space, access to letterpress and book art workshops.

Nottingham Trent University

Voted university of the year 2017, Nottingham Trent has an ever-growing reputation for giving that true university experience as well as providing highly regarded courses. Their Graphic Design course will allow you to gain skills in illustration, typography, branding, and more. They provide a dedicated building of facilities which include print rooms, mac suites, moving images, 3D printing, laser cutting, photographic studios, and interactive media.

Arts University Bournemouth

If you do love to be beside the seaside and want specialist equipment at your fingertips then AUB is one of the best. Silkscreen printing, Exposure unit, Etching presses, the list goes on! They also have an extensive list of different design-orientated courses, so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you.

University of the Arts London

With six different colleges within the University of Arts London at multiple different campuses. You’ll always find a UAL somewhere in London. The beauty of UAL is that no matter which of the colleges you choose you can always use other colleges’ facilities. Also voted the world’s sixth-best university for Art and Design.

Loughborough University

Fancy going somewhere out of the city, enjoy a campus lifestyle at Loughborough University. Predominately known for their sports degrees they have become a rising star over the years with their creative degrees. They offer a Graphic Communication and Illustration degree in one, so you get the best of both worlds. Their facilities include screen printing, printmaking, photography studio, as well as full access to the school of the art facilities.

Falmouth University

This university is predominately known for its creative courses. Offering from Acting, Fashion Design, to Gaming Development. Of course, we are most interested in the print side they have to offer and they do offer both Illustration and Graphic Design. Each department has dedicated studio and seminar rooms, printmaking workshop, life drawing studio, design lab, photography, audio studio, an extensive library, and dedicated desk space for every student. Falmouth put a strong emphasis on their student mentor scheme which offers all first-year students support from second-year students.

University of Nottingham

UWE has a strong emphasis on making you industry-ready, encouraging placements, internships, and traveling abroad for the experience. They have offered a range of print facilities, such as; screen printing, etching, lithography area, and relief. Both the graphic design course and Illustration course offer a foundation year as well. They are also having 7 million invested in their design studios and new physical making in 2021.

Kingston University London

Kingston will help you gain good technical knowledge, on the Illustration course you are also able to choose different modules in order to specialize your interests. They have specialist facilities for printmaking, photography, 3D materials, digital media workshops, benefiting from refurbished studios and workshops. Kingston School of Art is listed sixth in the Good University Guide.

University of Leeds

Leeds is a Russell Group University. They offer a Graphic and Communication Design course, this course will teach you the fundamentals, to begin with, and then they encourage you to develop in your own directions. It provides printmaking studios, laser cutters, and well-equipped studios. They do not offer an illustration course.

The University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh aims to produce designers that will challenge the status quo, they claim to encourage students to think outside the box to produce individual powerful work. They provide both academic and live briefs for their Illustration and Graphic Design Courses, they also have money being invested in their facilities. Learn More